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Cardiology Research

Learn more about faculty research in the Division of Cardiology, and about our current clinical trials.

Faculty Member Division Research Expertise
Sarah Alexander, MD Cardiology
Racial/socioeconomic Disparities in heart disease; Liver transplantation - CV risk assessment and CV outcomes; Quality improvement and outcomes
Saif Al-Najafi, MD Cardiology Valvular Heart Disease; Preventive Cardiology
Kathrin Banach, PhD Cardiology Cellular mechanism of atrial fibrillation, or AF. Learn more
Lynne Braun, NP Cardiology Familial history of cardiac disease; hypertension
Sonal Chandra, MD Cardiology Cardiovascular disease prevention; Valvular heart disease; Aortic diseases
Rami Doukky, MD Cardiology Learn more
Steven Feinstein, MD Cardiology Contrast ECHO therapeutics
Neeraj Jolly, MD Cardiology Structural heart disease
Henry Huang, MD Cardiology Atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, ablation, cardiac resynchronization, anticoagulation
Clifford Kavinsky, MD Cardiology Congenital and structural heart valve disorders
Karolina Marinescu, MD Cardiology
Heart Failure Management, Myocardial recovery, Cardiovascular Disease Prevention,
Mechanical circulatory support outcomes
Tochi Okwuosa, DO Cardiology Cardiac imaging and cardio-oncology; SuPar and localization with fluorinated antibodies
Pratik Patel, MD Cardiology Antiarrhythmics; Sudden cardiac death; Atrial fibrillation
Marie-France Poulin, MD Cardiology
Outcome research, focus on structural heart disease: Optimization of TAVR procedures; Stem cell therapy for heart failure; Bench research with animals testing stent restenosis, bioresorbable stents evaluation, and cardiac imaging
Rupa Sanghani, MD Cardiology Nuclear cardiology; valvular heart disease
Payman Sattar, MD Cardiology
The use of novel anticoagulants in the treatment of atrial fibrillation; The use of
commercial echo contrast for decision making in atrial fibrillation management
Gary Schaer, MD Cardiology Stem cell therapies for cardiac disease
Parik Sharma, MD Cardiology His Bundle Pacing; Atrial Fibrillation; Cardiac Resynchronization
Jeffrey Snell, MD Cardiology Peripheral vascular disease and interventional cardiology
Jeffrey Soble, MD Cardiology
Tele-robotic ultrasound; Computers in cardiology, including deep learning for echo image analysis
Tisha Marie B. Suboc, MD Cardiology Advanced heart failure, heart transplant, and mechanical assist device
Donald Tanis, MD Cardiology
Coronary Artery Disease; Evaluation with Fractional Flow Reserve and Instantaneous
Wave Free Ratio; Intravascular Ultrasound; Radial Artery Access Procedures; Myocardial Perfusion Imaging
Melissa Tracy, MD Cardiology Cardiac imaging, cardiovascular risk in solid organ transplant recipients
Richard Trohman, MD Cardiology
Myocardial dysfunction and cognitive dysfunction; epicardial ablation; heart rhythm
Annabell Volgman, MD Cardiology Womens heart disease; hypertension; family history