Requesting Accommodations at Rush University

We encourage students to apply for accommodations upon acceptance into their College as to begin this process early, however, applications for accommodations may be submitted at any time. All requests are reviewed and determined in a timely manner. Below is the step-by-step process for requesting accommodations. Remember, your inquiry is confidential, and students are welcome to obtain general information about accessibility without registering.

  1. Complete and submit the electronic request for accommodation form via Formstack.
  2. Provide documentation of a disability. Please follow guidelines outlined in the Requirements for Disability Documentation section.
  3. Discuss with the office of student accessibility services, or OSAS, your need for services and/or barriers you are/or anticipate experiencing.
  4. If you do not have current or complete documentation of a disability, the OSAS will work with you to locate providers in the area for resources.
  5. Through an interactive process the OSAS will work with you to do the following:
    1. Determine if you meet the criteria for disability
    2. Discuss potential accommodations to address any barriers to the curriculum or clinic
    3. Ensure that any requested accommodations are reasonable and that they do not alter an essential feature of the curriculum or technical standards of your program.
  6. When a request is approved, you will be provided via email with a copy of your letter of accommodation that describes your eligibility for services and approved accommodations.
  7. Accommodaitons are valid for the duration of the student’s program, unless otherwise stated on their accommodation letter.
  8. Students are responsible to furnish the OSAS with their schedule each semester listing faculty members they wish to have notified via Formstack submission.
  9. The OSAS will send out the letter of accommodation to specified faculty each semester. The students will be copied on all faculty notification emails.
  10. Students request for accommodations that are not granted may follow the grievance policy.

The OSAS reviews each case, taking into account each student’s self-report of disability, functional limitation, and known or anticipated barriers. In addition, the OSAS will review the documentation and, if needed, consult with expert clinicians and program directors to determine if requests challenge technical or program standards.

The OSAS is available to assist the student and faculty with the implementation of the accommodation, if needed. Should difficulties arise in the administration of any accommodation, the student should reach out to the OSAS immediately.

Students can request a re-evaluation of their accommodations or request new accommodations at any time during their academic program. For some new requests, additional documentation may be necessary. As with initial accommodation requests, new accommodation requests will be evaluated using the same process.

Please direct all questions to the following:

Marie Lusk, MBA, MSW, LSW
Director, Office of Student Accessibility Services
Phone: (312) 942-5237