A Sound Argument: Stephen Hallenbeck, MS ‘03, PhD ‘05/AUD

Monday, February 27, 2017

Now a senior audiologist at GN ReSound in Glenview, Illinois, Stephen Hallenbeck, MS ‘03, PhD ‘05/AUD, credits much of his success to his Rush roots.

“The education at Rush both required and developed a skill set founded upon critical thinking and creative solutions,” said Hallenbeck. “From that perspective, Rush not only provided the opportunity to try new things, but also galvanized the resolve to hang in there and continue to experiment.”
Most recently Hallenbeck assisted in the development of the LiNX, a new hearing instrument developed at GN ReSound that was the first of its kind to connect directly to an iPhone. He admits the experience challenged him and reshaped his concept of hearing health care.
“I’ve been extremely fortunate to have the space to experiment and vet numerous innovative ideas — some of which may have contributed to the global advancement of audiology,” said Hallenbeck. “But without the guidance of my Rush mentors, I doubt I would’ve ever embraced the joy and pain that accompanies conceptualizing, developing and propagating new ideas into the world.” 
Also an adjunct professor for the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences at Rush, Hallenbeck was honored with the 2011 Rush University Audiology Alumni Distinguished Achievement Award as well as the 2014 Illinois Academy of Audiology President’s Award.