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Rush Celebrates Medical School Graduates with Annual Awards and Commencement Celebration

Rush Celebrates Medical School Graduates with Annual Awards and Commencement Celebration

Rush Medical College is pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s 2021 student awards. Honorees were selected by faculty, staff and classmates for achievements in academics, research, patient care and community service.

The final year of medical school for this year’s graduating class has been like no other. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, the residency recruitment process was limited to virtual meetings, and students weren’t able to take part in clinical rotations away from Rush. Despite these challenges, the class remained dedicated to their academics, patients and community.

The graduating class and award recipients were honored at a virtual celebration on Thursday, April 29. The program included remarks from the class respondent, Hope Iyiewuare, and several medical college faculty.

“When I think of your class, certain words come to mind – resilience, grit and determination,” said Elizabeth Baker, MD, MHPE, senior associate dean of undergraduate medical education. “Especially during the last year when the COVID-19 pandemic forced us into virtual clinical learning in the midst of your clerkship year, the flexibility, ingenuity and enthusiasm you displayed when pivoting to remote learning and partnering with us to make your experiences worthwhile was truly remarkable. Your success, and the impressive array of specialties and institutions in which you matched, is something to be celebrated.”

The following interactive presentation highlights this year’s award recipients. A recorded greeting from Iyiewuare and a congratulatory message from Catherine Dimou, MD, president of the Rush Medical College Alumni Association are also featured.

In addition to the student awards, each graduating class honors faculty who have significantly impacted their medical education journey. The 2021 recipients of those awards are also highlighted in the presentation.

Please join us in congratulating the Rush Medical College Class of 2021!