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The Power of Patient Emphasis: Christopher Goetz, MD ’75 / RMC; GME

The Power of Patient Emphasis: Christopher Goetz, MD ’75 / RMC; GME

“Rush has always placed the patient at the forefront,” said Christopher Goetz, MD ’75; GME, professor of neurological sciences and pharmacology and director of the Rush Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Program. “Because of this patient emphasis — fully integrated with research, education and outreach — my efforts to develop a program focused on Parkinson’s disease and movement disorder neurology have really been able to flourish.”

Goetz acknowledges his Rush mentor, Harold L. Klawans, MD, for developing the concept of a specialty center to treat Parkinson’s and related disorders, helping the Movement Disorders Program become the international center of excellence it is today.

“Through translational research, this unique, two-way street approach between laboratory and clinical teams all in the same medical center is undoubtedly the emblem for which we are known,” said Goetz. “Discoveries in the laboratory lead to new treatments for our patients, and discoveries in the clinical service lead to laboratory studies for testing cells and chemicals in the diseases we treat.”

Continually recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts in movement disorders, Goetz — a senior Fulbright Scholar — received the 2015 Rush Medical College Distinguished Alumni Award and was named a “Top Doctor” by Chicago Magazine in 2012.

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