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Message from Dr. Robert S. D. Higgins, MD, MSHA, President, Rush University, to Rush University Alumni: Summer 2024

Robert S. D. Higgins, MD, MSHA

Dear Rush University Alumni,

I am honored to address you in my new role as president of Rush University. Taking on this role holds special significance for me, as it is an opportunity for both my wife, Molly, and me to return to Chicago to be near our three children and, of course, return to Rush. From 2003 to 2010, I served as the Mary and John Bent Professor and Chair of the Department of Cardiovascular-Thoracic Surgery and was also responsible for the Thoracic Surgery Residency Program within Rush Medical College. These years were important in my career, and I am deeply connected to the values and mission of this extraordinary institution.

As I step into my role, I am reminded of the significant impact our collective experiences and insights have on maintaining our vision of academic excellence and our commitment not only to ourselves but also to our communities. I am grateful to Dr. Larry Goodman and inspired by his willingness to return from retirement to ensure the university's continued success. Joining the team that was so critical to achieving better outcomes for our communities during COVID and supporting Dr. Lateef’s strategic vision for Rush is also an incredible honor. Rush embodies a clear commitment to a belief I hold dear: together, we must always lift as we rise, standing on the shoulders of those who helped us along the way. It is my personal responsibility to share the lessons I have learned with others, ensuring we all have opportunities to succeed and thrive.

I also want to express my admiration for the incredible achievements of our alumni. Your dedication to health care, research and community service continues to inspire us all. Whether you are shaping policies, leading groundbreaking research or providing compassionate health care, your impact — and the Rush mission — are far-reaching. Together, we can ensure Rush University remains at the forefront of health care education and service.

Reflecting on my own career, I understand the significant role an institution like Rush plays in shaping the next generation of leaders. Additionally, I draw inspiration from my family's values and experiences. Together, my mother and grandparents instilled in my siblings and me a deep sense of responsibility to make the most of the opportunities we were given. I have embraced the duty to stand up, be seen and heard, and serve as a role model. Most importantly, I am dedicated to continuously creating spaces for others to do the same, fostering a stronger, more inclusive future for our institution and the communities we serve.

Molly and I are looking forward to meeting with as many alumni as possible in the coming years. I also encourage you to engage with us through events, networking opportunities and continuing education programs. I hope you save the date for a special all-alumni program September 19, when I will talk more with you about our collective ambitions for Rush University.

With warm regards,

Bob Higgins
President, Rush University
Chief Academic Officer, Senior Vice President, Rush University System for Health