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A Rush nurse practitioner meets with his colleagues

Let’s talk about sex: Education and dialogue lead to better care of LGBTQ patients

When a colleague told Eric McIntosh that as a minority he’d have to advocate for himself during medical appointments, he knew something had to change.

Rush Medical Laboratory Sciences students

Careers With a Master’s Degree in Medical Laboratory Science

Are you searching for a challenging career direction? Perhaps it’s time to get back in the lab and do some thinking that can change your life and the lives of others.

An interviewee shakes hands with her interviewer

What to Expect from a Grad School Interview

Congratulations! You landed a graduate school interview. But, don’t start celebrating yet. You’ll need to prepare for the interview if you want a shot at the coveted acceptance letter.

Rush Medical College student

How to Deal with Stress in Medical School

A rigorous school schedule coupled with non-academic demands can take their toll on medical students’ mental health. Learn some tips for managing this stress.

Rush audiologist with a patient

What is an Audiologist and Why Should I Become One?

Listen up! Audiology is a hot health care profession. Learn all about audiologists and the training required to become one.

Rush University students

Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in Clinical Nutrition

Are eggs good for you? Is bread a nutrition villain? What about eggs on bread … or bread on eggs? These are questions a clinical nutritionist is ready to tackle.

Rush University student studying

6 Time Management Tips for Busy Adult Students

Older adult students often have more responsibilities outside of school than their younger peers. For these students, learning how to balance life in and out of the classroom is critical.

Rush University class in session

What is Allied Health?

Allied health tends to involve hands-on work and includes numerous and varied professions that serve a very different purpose compared to that of doctors and nurses. Learn about different allied health careers and why you should consider them.

A researcher working in a lab

Why Pursue a Career in Biomedical Research?

Biomedical researchers conduct frontline research across the spectrum of bioengineering, brain research and neuroscience, new advances in pharma, and big data approaches to solving critical health challenges.