Using Real-World Data to Combat COVID-19


Rush University Medical Center and Hugo Health are participating in a national collaboration to determine the longitudinal effects of SARS-COV-2 among patients who have exhibited symptoms of coronavirus and have been tested within the last month.

Our objective is to generate knowledge rapidly using digital tools, in partnership with patients and collaborative science, to produce actionable insights and tools that can contribute to efforts to combat the COIVD-19 pandemic.


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How It Works

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Hugo Health is participating in this national collaboration seeks to conduct urgently-needed applied research in a large representative sample of the United States population to address the COVID-19 public health emergency. The study collects data through a participant-centered digital platform. As a participant, this digital platform enables you to:

  • Control your own data
  • Connect to the latest health information
  • Keep your health information secure and private
  • Give researchers realtime access to data for analysis
  • Help inform local and national decision making

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By participating in our online COVID-19 Survey Study, you can help us understand how COVID-19 affects your health. Here’s what you need to know.


  • We are looking for adults, age 18 or older, who have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 and have been tested within the last 4 weeks.


  • Your participation will take less than 30 minutes, once every three months, for 18 months.


  • The study is available by accessing a secure, private mobile app or website.


  • You will be compensated up to $100 for your participation in this study.


To get started, visit and answer questions to find out if you are eligible.


For Researchers

The INSPIRE study is a multi-institutional, longitudinal cohort study that focuses on the association of age and other vulnerabilities with clinical outcomes and patient-reported outcomes in people infected with the coronavirus illness (COVID-19) as well as a concurrent control group who were under investigation but tested negative.

Our focus is not only on the surveillance and natural history of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS COV-2) infections, but also on identifying predictors of infection and outcomes such as disease severity, need for mechanical ventilation, and mortality.

Study Aims

  • To determine the longitudinal outcomes of SARS COV-2 infections among different age groups in the US population. Our outcomes include healthcare utilization, clinical events, and physical and mental function and status, including neurocognitive function and fatigue. We will also describe outcomes by age of a sample of patients testing negative for SARS COV-2 who will serve as concurrent controls for those who test positive. We will follow participants for up to 18 months and repeatedly measure outcomes
  • To determine the independent association of age with outcomes after adjustment for sex, race/ethnicity, presence of specific underlying conditions (e.g. hypertension and diabetes), and other characteristics identified above

Learn more about the study’s design, approach, outcomes and more.


Study Sites

The INSPIRE study is an eight-center national project, in collaboration with Hugo Health, with Rush University as the lead research site. Participating institutions include:

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If you would like to participate in the INSPIRE study and share your experiences, you can sign up at If you want to know more about the study, send your questions to our research staff through the form below.