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Combining design and health sciences to unlock possibilities


Design can help solve problems through a human-centered approach.

Design utilizes methods from behavioral science, sociology and anthropology to understand the motivations and actions of the people.
The Health + Design Integration Lab can help with product improvements, create solutions to complex problems or help bring ideas to life.
The Lab provides the capabilities to collect the viewpoints of the users to bring a fresh perspective to stakeholders and uncover hidden needs.


Our Process

Conduct research to understand the problem,  stakeholders and users

Developing insights from the research and identifying opportunities

Generating ideas and concepts that address the opportunities and integrating them into solutions

Creating small, simple tests that will help shape the solution

Improving the solution until it becomes ready for implementation


Design Studio

The Lab Team will spearhead the project by conducting research on the topic area and convening stakeholders, experts and users as the project moves from understanding to design and testing before implementation.


Design Workshop

The Lab Team will facilitate an interactive meeting that will allow the project team to understand the problem and users in a new ways, develop insights based on the new knowledge, and craft solutions that can be tested and improved upon.