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Fellowship Matching & Career Development

Due to our residents having a wide range of clinical interests, we have designed our program to create maximum flexibility to allow residents to achieve their unique future goals:

  1. Quarterly Career & Fellowship Meetings with Program Director: meetings are divided into individual subspecialties (i.e. Sports, Pain, Interventional Spine, Neurorehab).  Meetings involve discussing extra-curricular opportunities, updates in fellowship / job application process, CV building, coordination of research, mentorship, etc

  2. Mentorship: Residents are encourage to have both a "life mentor" (i.e. gives guidance on work-life balance, wellness, etc) and a "career mentor" (i.e. someone to guide to match into a Fellowship).  Residents are given freedom to chose their own mentor regardless of location, discipline in medicine, etc.  They are required meet with at least one of their mentors twice a year (spring and fall).  Mentors are easy to find for our residents due to our approachable faculty, expansive Alumni network including multiple alumni working in the Chicagoland area, and our location within a large metropolitan area

  3. Flexible 3rd Year Schedule:  Residents are given three months electives to be able to complete Audition Electives in anticipation of applying to Fellowship.  

  4. Flexible 4th Year Schedule (Create a “Mini-Fellowship” your Last Four Months of Residency): Residents have a total of 5 months of elective during residency.  The rotations are structured to allow residents to have up to 3 months elective during their last four months of residency.  As a result, some Residents have created their own “mini-fellowship” prior to starting work, fellowship, etc by working with their mentors, unique departments within the hospital, etc.  For example, residents going into a Neurorehabilitation practice have worked with our Movement Disorders & MS clinic, spent time with neuroradiology, and completed a Sub-Attending experience.

  5. Opportunity for Extracurricular Activities: due to our proximity to a large metropolitan area, our residents have opportunities exposed to a variety of experiences that can help shape their future career including:

    • Research
    • Sports Medicine Experiences (i.e. Race Medicine, Sports Sideline Coverage, Pre-participation Physicals, etc.)
    • Lectures / Teaching sessions for Medical Student and Residents
    • Didactic Lectures (e.g. weekly Sports Medicine Conference)
    • Disability Advocacy and Speaking Engagements
    • Research
    • Community Service and Outreach (e.g. MSK Community Clinic,Westside Walk for Wellness)
    • DEI advocacy
    • Secondary Degrees (Masters of Science in Health Systems Management)
    • Health Equity Education 
    • Financial Support to Attend Conference Fellowship Fairs


Alumni Giving Back!

Our success in Fellowship matching could not be done without the assistance of our active Alumni Network who continue to provide mentorship well after their graduation.  Residents meet Alumni via our Annual Alumni event at the AAPM&R and/or via introduction by the Program as they demonstrate interest in a career path shared with a former alumnus.


Residency Class in 2015.  Pictured: The late Barbara Cook who took special care of each and every resident of hers for over 20+ years.  We miss your kindness, smile, and guidance


Fellowship Matches 

Sports Medicine

Name Program Year
Joseph “Joey” Brutzkus, MD University of Illinois (Chicago, IL)  2023
Carol Chang, DO Swedish Medical Center in Washington 2023
Lane Lagattuta, DO MacNeal Sports Medicine Fellowship at Loyola University Medical Center (Chicago, IL) 2022
Kevin Baidoo, MD MacNeal Sports Medicine Fellowship at Loyola University Medical Center (Chicago, IL) 2020
Chris Hicks, MD University of Virginia 2018
Luis Soliz, MD

Midwest Orthopedics (2nd Fellowship)

Alex Behar, MD University of Illinois (Chicago, IL)  2017
Sam Dona, MD Atlantic Sports Health (NJ) 2017
Yogen Patel, DO Cleveland Clinic 2017
Jason Lee, DO University of Michigan 2012
Amika Bhat, MD Cleveland Clinic 2010
Sherri Kuchinskas, MD University of Illinois (Chicago, IL) 2006


Spinal Cord Medicine 

Name Program Year
 Jon VandenBerg, DO Baylor UT Health   2019
James Spendley, DO Shirley Ryan Ability Lab 2014
Daun Chung, DO Shirley Ryan Ability Lab 2013
Matthew Brown, DO Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital 2008


Interventional Spine

Name Program Year
Ehab Yasin, DO Desert Sports and Spine Physicians in Arizona (NASS Recognized) 2020
Minh Nguyen, DO OrthoCarolina Interventional Spine & Sports 2019
Tasso Papagiannapolos, MD Desert Sports and Spine Physicians in Arizona (NASS Recognized) 2019
Sanjay Digamber, DO OSS Health Interventional Spine & Sports (Pennsylvania) 2019
Chirag D Shah, MD Mount Sinai (New York) 2017
John Furrey, MD Performance Spine & Sports (Lawrenceville, NJ) 2016
Craig Best, DO Beth Isreal Deaconnes Medical Center (Boston, MA) 2015
Brandon Tolman, DO Kahan Center of Pain (Annapolis, MD) 2015
Stephanie Kim, DO Evergreen Health Sports & Spine (Kirkland, WA) 2015
Robin Matias, DO Sports and Spine with Dr. Frank 2012
Earnie Cheng, DO Interventional Pain Management at Rehabilitative Consultations (Emeryville, CA) 2007
Paul Singh, MD The Penn Spine Center / Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania  2007
Hoang (Wayne) Vu, DO LAGS Spine / Pain 2006
Kevin Sigua, MD MSU Sports and Spine 2004

Pain Medicine

Name Program Year
Sal Aljilani Medical College of Wisconsin 2023
Malcolm Moses-Hampton  University of Pittsburgh Medical Center  2022
Ryan Jacobs, MD Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center 2020
Luis Soliz, MD Northwestern Medical Center 2018
Kashif Saeed, MD Medical College of Wisconsin 2015
Erik Marsiglia, DO OSHU (Oregon) 2009
Qamar Khan, MD UC Davis 2008
Jafar Siddiqui, MD Spinal and Skeletal Pain Medicine 2007
Xuong Tang, DO   2006


Pediatric Rehabilitation 

Name Program Year
Desiree Roge, MD University of Kansas 2007

Cancer Medicine

Name Program Year
Obada Obaisi, MD MD Anderson 2021


Osteopathic Fellowship

Name Program Year
Tony West Ed Stiles and Laura Griffin At Pikeville Medical Center 2012