Chiefs’ Corner

“My favorite rotations are County General Surgery and Rush Acute Care Surgery. As a senior you get a lot of autonomy and the opportunity to play a very active role in patient care. You develop your clinical acumen due to the high volume of patient consults/cases. There is also a lot of fantastic exposure to bread and butter general surgery cases, which you become very comfortable performing, even as a mid-level.”
- Lauren Willams, PGY4
“My third year of residency was by far the most rewarding. It marks the transition period from junior to senior resident and your clinical responsibilities in the OR and on the floor increase dramatically. It was during this time that I could feel myself rounding into the surgeon and physician I hoped to become when I entered residency. I can specifically remember my first shift on night float at the start of my PGY4 year feeling ready for anything that could walk through the doors of the County ED and how much my clinical skills had improved.”
- Justin Gerard, PGY5

I was a medical student at Rush. I chose to stay because I believe in the work that our residents do at Cook County Hospital. That place is part of the spirit of our residency, and as we spend half of our time there, much more than a visiting rotation. I’ve gone to clinics there and spoken 7 different languages (with the help of interpreters) in a day. The personal connection we have, and the potential impact we can make in the lives of our patients there is a high point for me.

-Richard Jacobson, PGY4