Reopening Frequently Asked Questions

The Rush University Reopening Plan provides detailed information about what you need to know about coming to campus. (Plan last updated for fall 2021)

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What is the current status of on-campus learning and activities?
  • Hospital-approved masks must now be worn in all locations on campus, including in non-clinical areas, workrooms, break spaces and conference rooms.
  • Meetings: In-person meetings can resume. Please ensure that all in-person meeting participants are fully aware of Rush policies regarding masking.
  • Events: Restrictions regarding on-campus events have been lifted. Please ensure that all event participants are fully aware of Rush policies regarding masking.

If you have questions about how to keep your areas safe, please contact the infection prevention and control team by phone at (312) 942-3060 or by email at

Campus Entry

What do I need to know about re-entering AAC?

The designated entrances to AAC are on the 1st and 4th Floors, near the bridge from the parking garage.

Will masks be required?
  • Hospital-approved masks must now be worn in all locations on campus, including in non-clinical areas, workrooms, break spaces and conference rooms. 
What kinds of masks are acceptable?
  • Hospital approved masks are provided to every person entering a building on the Rush campus.
  • Students may also choose to wear N95 masks on the Medical Center campus.
    • Currently, N95 masks are not available through the Medical Center for students who do not require one for center clinical rotations.
    • Students may purchase and bring their own N95 masks.
  • Cloth masks are not approved for use in any Rush buildings.
Where can I get a mask?

Hospital approved masks are provided to every person entering a building on the Rush campus. If your mask is lost or soiled during the day, return to the entrance to obtain a replacement.


How often will classrooms be cleaned?

Classrooms will be cleaned and sanitized once a day, at the end of the day. Disinfectant cleaning wipes will be available in all classrooms. It is recommended that you wipe your desk and chair before and after use. Masks will be required for everyone inside of the building, and hand sanitizer is available at multiple stations on every floor in AAC, as well as in all open classrooms, labs and study spaces.

Will equipment used for instruction and testing be sanitized?

Yes. Equipment will be sanitized once a day, while computer testing labs will be cleaned before each testing session. Disinfectant cleaning wipes will also be available in these spaces at all times.

How frequently will bathrooms be sanitized?

Bathrooms in AAC will be cleaned three times per day. If needed, the bathrooms can be cleaned more frequently.

How do I get to the bookstore?

The bookstore has relocated to the second floor of Armour Academic Center. It is next to seating and study rooms in the cafeteria.

Health and Testing

What should I do if I test positive for COVID?

After a positive test result, you must notify Student Health and immediately begin quarantine.

Please review the Health and Testing page for complete testing information and procedures.

If I test positive, how do I keep up with class work?

Please contact your program director or course instructor to create a plan for ongoing engagement in your coursework.

What will happen if there is another outbreak or stay-at-home order?

If there is another COVID outbreak that requires us to implement stay-at-home precautions, all instruction will be delivered remotely. In-person labs and clinical rotations may be suspended in order to protect the health of students and those in the medical center and our partner sites. Your program director will contact you directly if this affects your program of study.

What happens if the course director tests positive? What about staff working in the same office environment?

If a faculty or staff member tests positive, employee health will make recommendations regarding care for that person and will make recommendations regarding quarantine and testing. The course director and college dean will make recommendations regarding access to the course and ongoing teaching on a virtual platform until additional arrangements can be made, if necessary.

What are the exposure protocols for students in clinical rotations?

Students in clinical rotations should follow the same exposure and quarantine procedures as clinical workers at their site.
Students should also notify their clinical coordinator and follow the procedures for monitoring symptoms, testing or quarantine as determined by the clinical site.


Am I eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or booster?

All Rush University students are eligible and encouraged to receive a vaccine or booster to protect themselves and others. Learn more: Vaccination Policy

How do I schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment at Rush?

Vaccine appointments can be scheduled using MyChart.


How do I quarantine?

Quarantine helps prevent the spread of disease before a person knows they are sick and means staying at a single designated home or dwelling for a specific number of days before doing any activities outside of the home or dwelling. People in quarantine should separate themselves from others as much as possible and check themselves for symptoms. According to the CDPH, additional requirements under quarantine include:

  • The individual must not be in public or otherwise leave the dwelling that they have identified as suitable for their quarantine, unless seeking medical care.
  • If seeking medical care or testing, or when traveling to or from the airport, train station, or bus station (if applicable), a face covering must be worn and public transportation must not be used.
  • Food and other needed supplies must be delivered to the individual’s dwelling; the individual may not leave the premises to acquire supplies.
  • The traveling individual or family group should be situated in separate quarters with a separate bedroom and, if possible, separate bathroom facility from non-traveling household members.
  • The individual must self-monitor for symptoms potentially consistent with COVID-19. If any symptoms develop, the individual may leave the dwelling to receive testing for COVID-19 but then must return to complete the 10-day quarantine while isolating from other household members, regardless of the test result.

Professionalism and Compliance

What am I required to do as a student regarding re-entry?

The expectation is that you will read the Spring 2021 Re-entry Plan, specifically the Guiding Principles, Student Guidelines and University Guidelines, and adhere to the policies.

You are also expected to participate in daily self-screening for symptoms using the COVID Screening Pass. If you are required to quarantine or self-isolate, please continue to conduct yourself with professionalism. We strongly encourage that you take these guidelines and policies seriously to protect your own health, and the health of your surrounding community.

I don’t want to miss in-person classes. What should I do if I only have one symptom?

If you need to stay at home or self-isolate because you develop a symptom of COVID-19, please be assured that your college/program director will develop a plan so that your academic progress can continue. Do not come to campus if you have any symptoms of COVID-19, even if they are mild or limited.

Do University policies and guidelines apply to me when I’m off-campus?

Your compliance with policies, both on and off campus, will prevent the spread of coronavirus. We strongly encourage you to take personal responsibility as future health care professionals to comply with public health measures such as masking, social distancing and self-monitoring for symptoms.