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In 2009, the Center of Excellence for Nursing Education Innovation and Scholarship (CENEIS) came into being. The primary mission of CENEIS is to drive paradigmatic shifts in nursing education methodologies and create professional nurses and nurse educators who are prepared to recalibrate health care education.
Ultimately, our vision is that CENEIS will be a nationally-recognized resource for developing and disseminating innovative and evidence-based methodologies in nursing education; produce future leaders in nursing education and nursing education scholarship; the impetus for generating policy that shapes the future of nursing education.
Such a center of learning and scholarship is desperately needed in nursing education. With the increasing complexity of the health care system and the need to respond to the demand for nurses, the faculty who will teach these nurses also needs to expand, not only in numbers, but also in quality. There are few programs that can do this comprehensively; soon, nursing education will be in crisis. CENEIS is one answer to averting this crisis. 
In relation to its objectives, some specific center outcomes to date include:
1. Support the design and implementation of innovative, learner-centered pedagogies that promote social and cultural relevance, drive future nursing practice and promote interdisciplinary education.
Since 2010, we have funded, through the generosity of the dean, 13 teaching innovation awards, all of which were implemented into their respective curricula and all were submitted for publication, with five being either presented at national conferences or published. Examples included:
a) Use of the National Healthcare Quality Report Matrix in advanced
generalist nursing education,
b) Academic scholarship: integrating teaching into the PhD program, and
c) Using the arts in nursing education. 
2. Generate and disseminate evidence-based knowledge that enhances the quality of clinical and classroom teaching.
Since 2011, three pilot research projects have been funded or supported through CENEIS. The funded project was "A comparison of traditional clinical learning experiences and standardized patients in a health assessment course." Two additional projects received support in the form of research design and statistical consultation. These projects were 1) An evaluation of a novel and innovative Web-based pedagogy (The NovEx system) in a medical-surgical nursing course, and 2) the use of standardized patients to improve psychiatric nursing interventions. 
3. Promote and support the development of the next generation of nurse educators and nursing education administrators.
Since 2010, CENEIS has held three annual lectures of renown leaders in nursing education:
  • 2010: Patricia Benner - "Educating Nurses, A Report of the Carnegie Study"
  • 2011: Micheal Bliech - "A Report on the IOMs ‘Future of Nursing’ Study"
  • 2012: Terry Valiga - "Implementing the IOM Future of Nursing Recommendations"
  • 2012: Brenda Zierler - "Inter-Professional Education: A Model for Implementation"  
4. Recognize excellence in nursing education innovation and leadership.

CENEIS sponsors the Daisy Award for Faculty Recognition. To date, six awards have been given. The winners of these awards were:

  • Beth-Anne Christopher, MS, RN, CNL
  • Martha Siomos, DNP, RN, ADM-BC, FNP-BC
  • Sally Evankoe, MS, RN
  • Marcia Patterson, MS, RN
  • Alison Ridge, DNP, RN, APN
  • Suzanne Flood, MS, RN, APN, ANP-BC
CENEIS also presents the Teaching Scholar Award, a competitive award given to high-achieving faculty in the area of nursing education. To date, we have given two of these awards. The winners of this award were:
  • Kathy Lauer, PhD, RN
  • Pamela Levin, PhD, RN, APHN-BC
CENEIS Advisory Board

Frank D. Hicks, PhD, RN (CENEIS director)

Joyce Keithley, DNSc, RN, FAAN

Marilyn Wideman, DNP, RN, FAAN

Mary Johnson, PhD, RN, FAAN

Jennifer Rousseau, DNP, WHNP-BC

Ruth Fiedler, EdD, RN, APRN-BC, CNE

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