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About Rush University

Contact Information

For more information about the Master of Science in biotechnology program, contact associate dean Gabriella Cs-Szabo, PhD, at or at (312) 942-2255.

For questions about the application process, contact Cara Young at or at (312) 942-7994.

About the Profession

Biomedical research is rewarding and exciting because scientists significantly contribute to the wide-ranging and influential field of biomedical sciences. Whether students ultimately decide to pursue an advanced degree in science or medicine, join a university laboratory or become employed in a pharmaceutical or biotechnology organization, they will have the opportunity to play an integral role in science and medicine.

The Program

The Master of Science in biotechnology program at the Graduate College at Rush University is a non-thesis, full-time, nine-month program. Students enter the program in September and graduate in May. The biotechnology program courses are specifically designed for students to become highly proficient and competitive in the biomedical sciences as they are designed for discovery and range from core biomedical science classes, laboratory practica and experimental design to communications and biomedical research strategies.

Throughout the biotechnology program, students focus on hands-on laboratory work and learn the most important current techniques and methods. They also take the Graduate College core curriculum series of courses, including biochemistry, molecular genetics, cell and tissue biology, as well as system physiology and pharmacology. Additionally, students take courses in the following:

  • Regulatory research process
  • Critical reading and scientific writing
  • Laboratory management
  • Experimental design

Career Opportunities

  • Graduates of Rush University's biotechnology program have an excellent employment and placement rate - 95 percent of our graduates find work at university laboratories and biotechnology or pharmaceutical organizations, or pursue their advanced degrees in science (PhD) or medicine (MD, DDS, DO or PharmD).
  • Rush graduates are highly sought after by biotechnology and pharmaceutical organizations, which are always in need of talented science professionals.
  • Employment opportunities for scientists are expected to increase for the next several years, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • Graduates of the biotechnology program have opportunities to become laboratory instructors or managers, and they may also pursue further education to become high school or college science teachers.

Program Highlights

  • The Rush Master of Science in biotechnology program is a nine-month program. Students enter in September and graduate in May. For more information about our curriculum click here.
  • The biotechnology program provides graduate students comprehensive training in life sciences, including classes in biochemistry, molecular genetics, cell and tissue biology, system physiology and pharmacology.
  • Biotechnology graduate students have extensive hands-on laboratory work experience and learn the latest and most important techniques and methods.
  • Rush students earn a certification in Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), which involves safely setting up, maintaining and working in a sterile laboratory.
  • Biotechnology students learn how to safely and ethically handle animals and surgically prepare animal research models.
  • Students have the opportunity to create a portfolio of laboratory techniques, write scientific abstracts, papers, reports and federal regulations for drug research, and perform data management.
  • Students have excellent preparation for additional studies including an advanced degree in science or medicine.
  • The biotechnology faculty members work closely with students to ensure their classroom success and help them prepare for their next steps in science and medicine.


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