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Translational and Precision Medicine Research

Graphic showing the Division of Translational and Precision Medicine in collaboration with the four colleges of Rush University

The Division of Translational and Precision Medicine, led by Alan Landay, PhD, is dedicated to discovering the molecular mechanisms of human disease and advancing disease prevention. Faculty within the Division engage in research and education to develop new diagnostics and therapeutics; translate novel agents; and advance biomarker discovery.

Our approach centers interdisciplinary collaborations and partnerships with other academic medical centers, diagnostic and industry partners, and foundations to establish new sources of research funding.

Pillars of strength

  • Cardio-renal/pulmonary
  • Cancer
  • Aging and inflammation
  • Emerging pathogens and pandemic preparedness
  • Pain in musculoskeletal disease
  • Health disparities

Executive Committee

The DOIM research retreat on September 14, 2021 focused on interdisciplinary, collaborative and innovative research around our six pillars of strength.