RUSH Medical College

Three Rush Medical College students walking outside

Through a supportive and dynamic learning community, RUSH Medical College nurtures the development of empathic, proficient physicians dedicated to continuous learning, innovation and excellence in clinical practice, education, research and service.

Rush Medical College students talking outside

The admissions and recruitment process at RUSH Medical College seeks individuals who will become vital members of the medical community serving the needs of our diverse and changing population.

Rush Medical College students in a classroom

Throughout its long history, RUSH Medical College has made major contributions to medical science and education.

Rush Medical College students volunteering

RUSH Medical College students continue to give back to our surrounding communities and make a difference in the lives of others.

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We are committed to a vibrant culture of respect and accountability where people of all backgrounds feel welcome and supported.

Rush Medical College Research

RUSH Medical College faculty and students conduct research that furthers the understanding of diseases and leads to more effective treatments. 

One of the first medical colleges founded in the Midwest, RUSH Medical College continues to prepare tomorrow’s leaders in medicine in the classroom, the lab and the clinic.
Three smiling students hold up signs that say I Matched! Rush Match Day 2022

Match Day 2022


After spending more than half of their training in a global pandemic, RUSH Medical College’s graduating students shared an emotional moment as they learned where they’re heading next.