Medical Student Affairs

Academic support services

Rush Medical College seeks to provide a supportive learning environment for all students that promotes academic success as well as personal and professional development. An array of support services and resources are available throughout your educational program, along with numerous co-curricular opportunities for personal and professional growth. If you are a current student and require additional information or assistance regarding academic support, career advising or personal guidance, please email Christine Corral, PhD, director of student professional development, or call at (312) 942-6915. 

Academic advising program

Our academic advisor’s are faculty who provide advising and guidance in a manner that ensures individual attention and continuous contact between you and your advisor. Students are divided into one of five academies at the start of their M1 year. Peer mentors from each class as well as two faculty advisors oversee each academy, providing support in academic progress, personal growth, and career development. Advisors are available for one on one meetings, and host advising events throughout the year, often including food or activities around the city.

Peer education program

Rush Medical College offers a peer education program providing academic support for students at all levels of academic success.  The peer education program is currently available free of charge and sessions are led by advanced medical students.

Student career interest groups 

These student-run organizations help you explore careers in various specialties. Visit the student interest groups page to learn more.

Counseling Center

We encourage you to make use of the the Rush University Counseling Center resources to achieve and maintain greater balance in your personal and professional lives. The Counseling Center provides the following:

  • Psychological counseling free of charge to currently enrolled students. You have access to services throughout your enrollment at Rush. There is no session limit.
  • Counseling assistance includes depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, family mental illness, bereavement, eating disorders, sexual orientation and coming out issues, and career indecision.
  • Significant others/partners are also eligible for services as part of a couple.
  • Psychiatric consultation for active clients of the Counseling Center.

No record of contact with the Counseling Center is accessible to any college or University administrator. All discussions with Counseling Center psychologists and the consulting psychiatrist are held in strict confidence.

Rush Wellness Assistance Program

The Rush Wellness Assistance Program is a comprehensive resource for all Rush University students and their families, which provides offerings in three areas:

  • Work: Professional and personal development through “Skillbuilders” — free 30- to 45-minute online tutorials that address numerous topics including, managing stress, emotional wellbeing, along with improving study skills, concentration, test‐taking, writing and much more.
  • Life: 24/7 confidential, short-term counseling services for students and their families — at no cost.
  • Home: Connecting Rush University students to healthy cooking recipes and assistance with locating home‐life services like financial planning, child‐care/elder‐care, or legal services.

The Rush Wellness Assistance Program will address several important university-specific needs including:

  • After-Hours Counseling: Providing after-hours, video-conferencing counseling support accessible by mobile phone or tablet from the comfort and privacy of home.
  • Distance Learners: Extending counseling services and support to our distance and online learners who would otherwise be unable to access the Counseling Center

To access services, visit the Rush Wellness Assistance Program page on Inside Rush.


Chicago and its adjoining suburbs provide a wide variety of off-campus housing options for Rush Medical College students. The Office of Student Life and Engagement publishes an off-campus housing guide, which outlines off-campus residential opportunities.

Co-curricular activities

There are many student organizations centered around areas of professional interest, social issues and ethnic or religious affiliation. Learn more about these co-curricular opportunities.

Community service

Rush has a long tradition of community service and can offer you a chance to make a difference in the lives of others. Through the Rush Community Service Initiatives Program (RCSIP), you can bring critically needed skills to underserved individuals and families in Chicago. Learn more about how you can play a part in Rush’s community engagement efforts.