Grand Rounds Calendar

Unless otherwise noted, Grand Rounds are held at the Road Home Program (1645 West Jackson Blvd., Suite 302)

Speaker Name
Speaker Institution
Title of Presentation
1/4/2018 Dave Johnson
4sight Health
Market vs. Medicine: America’s Epic Fight for Better, Affordable Healthcare
1/11/2018 J.D. Smith, PhD
Northwestern University
Family Check-Up 4 Health Program: Using implementation science to deliver a family-based intervention in primary care
Jaleel Abdul-Adil, PhD
University of Illinois, Chicago
Restorative Rhythms: Rehabilitative uses of Rap Music and Hip-Hop Culture
Philip Held, PhD
Rush University
Moral Injury: Understanding veterans’ experiences of warzone events that violated their deeply held beliefs or morals
Mark Pollack, MD
Rush University
Department Business Meeting (department faculty, staff & trainees only)
Kate Keenan, PhD University of Chicago Neuroprotective Nutrition: An innovative approach to improving mental health outcomes for vulnerable populations
Carlos Gallo, PhD
Northwestern University
How can computational linguistics help the implementation of evidence-based interventions?
Allison Wainer, PhD
Rush University
Research Updates from the AARTS Program
Hale Thompson, PhD
Rush University
Population Health & Preventive Medicine: Collaborative Care Team for Depression Implementation
David Barlow, PhD
Boston University
A Unified Transdiagnostic Treatment for Emotional Disorders and Neuroticism: Current Status
Hans Brieter, MD
Northwestern University
How psychiatry, the current headless horseman, can finds its head again
Charles Hebert, MD
Rush University
Disparities in Disaster Mental Health Planning in Chicago: What’s a Healthcare Coalition to Do?
Hans Steiner, MD
Stanford University

The Cynthia Oudejans Harris Lecture in Social Psychiatry

Your secret mind: getting to know and living with your unconscious

Heidi Allen, PhD
Columbia University
The Effect of Medicaid on Management of Depression: Evidence from the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment
Doug Granger, PhD
University of California, Irvine
4/19/2018 Bernard Kabuth, MD University of Lorraine Management of ADHD in the transition from adolescence to young adulthood
4/26/2018 Mark Stein, PhD University of Washington, Seattle Do we need new ADHD drugs or new targets?
5/3/2018 Marcella Nunez-Smith, MD, MPH Yale University Precision Health and the Future of Race/Ethnicity in Biomedical Research
5/10/2018 Shafiq Rab Rush University Medical Center Informatics & Health Disparities
5/17/2018 Dawn Bounds, PhD, PMHNP-BC Rush University Medical Center Commercially Sexually Exploited Youth
5/24/2018 Fabienne Ligier, MD University of Montreal & University of Lorraine SMS Messaging for Suicidal Youth
5/31/2018 Joseph Currier, PhD University of South Alabama

Special Lecture and Symposium Honoring Dr. Pat Murphy (co-hosted with the Department of Religion, Health & Human Values)

Religious and spiritual concerns in military trauma

6/7/2018 Mark Pollack, MD Rush University Department Business Meeting (department faculty, staff & trainees only)