Grand Rounds Calendar

Until further notice, Grand Rounds are held via WebEx on Thursdays from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. If you would like to be added to the list, please contact Elizabeth Toppen at

Speaker Name
Speaker Institution
Title of Presentation
9/9/2021 Eileen Crehan, MD Tufts University

Autistic Adolescents Accessing Sexuality and Relationship Education: Gaps and What to do

9/16/21 Christoph U. Correll, MD The Donald & Barbara Zucker School/Northwell

Can Schizophrenia Be Prevented?

9/23/21 Teresa L. Deshields, PhD, ABPP Rush University Medical Center

Supportive Oncology: It Takes a Team

9/30/21 Rev. Clayton Thomason, JD, MDiv Rush University Medical Center

Finding Meaning in Medicine

Nicholas Chien, MD Rush University Medical Center

Public Safety Response to Intoxication and Agitation

Robert H. Pietrzak, PhD, MPH Yale School of Medicine

Resilience in Aging Veterans

10/21/21 Rebecca Brendel, MD, JD APA – President

Ethics and the COVID-19 Pandemic

10/28/21 Gregory Pontone, MD John Hopkins

Drug Induced Movement Disorders

11/4/21 Jason Leonard, PhD DePaul University

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

11/11/21 Toni Camp, MD Med. Dir. Memory Care Unit, Kingston Residence, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Diagnosis and Management Strategies for Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias

11/18/21 Matthew State, MD, PhD – WB Speaker University of California San Francisco

Seizing a Rare Opportunity: Advances in the Genetics and Biology of Autism Spectrum Disorders

12/1/21 Aderonke Bamgbose Pederson, MD Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Mental Health and Stigma in the Black Community

Erin E. Emery-Tiburcio, PhD, ABPP Rush University Medical Center

The 4 Ms of Behavioral Health

1/6/22 Emily Lattie, PhD Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

From User-Centered Design to Implementation: Informing the Development of More Robust Mental Healthcare

Ovidio Bermudez, MD, FAAP, FSAHM, FAED, Fiaedp, CEDS

What All Clinicians Need to Know About Eating Disorders

1/20/22 David R. Goldsmith, MD, MSc Emory University School of Medicine

Inflammation and Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia: Implications for Reward Processing and Motivational Deficits

1/27/22 Celeste Napier, MD Rush University Medical Center

Crossroads of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neurology: What Does Neuroscience Tell Us?

2/3/22 James Besante, MD Carle Health

Exploring the Evolving Waves of the Opioid Epidemic with a Focus on Rural Illinois Pre- and Post-Pandemic

2/10/22 Timothy Franz, PhD St. John Fisher College

Creating Meaningful Partnership between Leaders and Teams

2/17/22 Laura Ramsey, PhD Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Incorporating Pharmacogenetics into Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

2/24/22 Patricia Fank, PsyD Rush University Medical Center

Intersection of Physical and Emotional Health

Emeran Mayer, MD UCLA Brain Gut Microbiome Center

The Gut Microbiome Immune Connection

Holly A. Swartz, MD University of Pittsburgh

Updates on Treating Bipolar Depression

John Rozel, MD University of Pittsburgh

Violence 101: Essential Elements of Violence Risk Management

Alyson Myers, MD North Shore University Hospital

Microaggressions in Medicine

Helen Lavaretsky, MD, MS Jane and Terry Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Mind-Body Therapies for Treatment and Prevention of Mental Disorders of Aging

Anna Lembke, MD Stanford University School of Medicine

DOPAMINE: A Practical Approach to Compulsive Overconsumption in a Reward-Saturated World

Russell Schachar, MD Research Institute at the Hospital for Sick Children

ADHD and the Cognitive Neurosciences Approach: Promise and Progress


Joshua Eloge, MD

Rush University Medical Center

Electroconvulsive Therapy and Epigenetics

4/28/22 Matthew Smith, PhD The University of Michigan

Virtual Job Interview Training and Increased Employment in Autism and Mental Health Services


Aniruddha Deka, MD

Shireen Samson, MD

Rush University Medical Center

A Review of Psychiatric Principles in Oncology and Our Experience in a Sub-specialty Collaborative Care Program

5/12/22 Nehal P. Vadhan, PhD Feinstein Institute for Medical Research at Northwell Health

Cannabis and Psychosis: An Ongoing Debate


Linda Nix, MD

Kirk McCall, MD

J. Cody Naughton, MD

Rush University Medical Center

Top Articles of the Year in Psychopharmacology: Part 1


Dongho Gwak, MD

Kirk McCall, MD

Andrew Schiller, DO

Alan Akira, MD

Rush University Medical Center

Top Articles of the Year in Psychopharmacology: Part 2

6/2/22 Alan Akira, MD Rush University Medical Center

Clinical Decision Making Models: A Review and Proposal


Charles Mormando, DO

Andrew Francis, PhD, MD

Penn State Medical School

Update on Catatonia

6/16/22 Rachel Boutte, PhD, MDiv RUCC Psychosocial Oncology

Black Women and Body Image: Implications of the Racialized Beauty Aesthetic 


Umar Siddiqui, MD

Francesco Tani, DO

Rush University Medical Center

Behavioral Addictions Beyond Gambling

6/30/22 Candice Monson, PhD Ryerson University

Cognitive Behavioral Conjoint Therapy for PTSD