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Research & Scholarly Activity

  1. Obtain a degree in Master of Science in Clinical Research from The Graduate College at Rush University: All first-year fellows are required to enroll in the Master of Science in Clinical Research program at Rush University. This is paid by the fellowship program. Fellows attend didactic lectures on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30 - 6 p.m. for two semesters and research for three. The research project conducted for fellowship purpose during the second and third years of fellowship counts towards the research mandate for the Master’s degree since it is supervised by a scholarly oversight committee, which ensures that the research project completed counts towards Pediatric Cardiology Board eligibility as well as the master’s degree.
  2. Details and educational goals: Fellows discuss in their first year their research interest with their mentors and design a project with their mentor leading to completion of this research project and publication of an original article within their fellowship training years. Learn how to formulate a research project, develop a hypothesis, design methodology and complete a research project within the time provided.
  3. Research rotation: Ten months of research is provided as a single block. In addition, one month during first year is provided to allow the fellow to choose a project, as well as another month during their senior year to allow completion of their manuscript writing. The additional two months are typically on part-time bases during one of their clinical rotations.
  4. Supervision and assessment: Fellows are supervised and assessed by a research faculty mentor. Second and Third year fellows meet with faculty to review scholarly activity three times a year. Progression of research project(s) is evaluated in these dedicated sessions. Ongoing assessment as well as monthly form evaluations through MedHub is provided for the fellows.