2017-2018 Tuition Rates

Tuition for the 2017-2018 academic year is detailed below. For programs not listed below, students pay the per-credit rate equivalent to one-quarter hour for their programs. 

College of Nursing

Program* Per credit rate
Pre-licensure Direct Entry MSN program for non-nurses (all fees included) $995
Post-licensure MSN, DNP, PhD programs (all fees included) $1,066
*Students should expect an annual increase in these tuition rates.  

College of Health Sciences

Tuition is subject to change with a potential 2-5% increase annually.

CHS Undergraduate programs Per credit rate
Health Sciences (BS) $753
Imaging Sciences (BS) $867
Vascular Ultrasound (BS) $830
CHS Graduate programs Per credit rate
Audiology (AuD) $994
Clinical Laboratory Management (MS) $888
Clinical Nutrition (MS) $950
Health Sciences (PhD) $850
Health Systems Management (MS) $1,118
Medical Laboratory Science (MS) $836
Occupational Therapy (MS) $926
Perfusion Technology (MS) $908
Specialist in Blood Bank Technology (Cert.) $888
Respiratory Care (MS) $766

Speech-language Pathology (MS)


CHS Graduate Programs Per Term Rate
Physician Assistant (matriculated SU17) $12,420 per term                      
Physician Assistant (matriculated SU16) $12,000 per term                      
Physician Assistant (matriculated SU15) $7,913 per term                      
Occupational Therapy (OTD) $13,125 per term                      

*Students-at-large pay the per credit rates listed above.

Tuition increases are effective for the start of the
academic year per respective program.


Rush Medical College

Rates are effective Fall 2017 through Summer 2018.

Full Time Tuition Charges
Program year Fall 2017 Spring 2018 Summer 2018 Total
M1 $20,933 $20,933 $10,466 $52,332
M2 $25,903 $25,903 $17,269 (M3 Start) $69,075
M3 $17,269 $17,269 $17,269 (M4 Start) $51,807
M4 $17,269 $17,269   $34,538
Part Time Enrollment Fee
Program year Fall 2017 Spring 2018 Summer 2018 Total
M1 Part Time EF $10,361 $10,361 $5,181 $25,903
M2 Part Time EF $12,952 $12,952 $8,634 (M3 Start) $34,538
M3 Part Time EF $8,634 $8,634 $8,634 (M4 Start) $25,902
M4 Part Time EF $8,634 $8,634   $17,268

The Graduate College

Program Per term rate Per credit rate
Biotechnology (MS) $17,500 N/A
Clinical Research (MS) N/A $1,000
Integrated Biomedical Sciences (MS) $9,000 N/A
Integrated Biomedical Sciences (PhD)* N/A $1,000*
*Annual program fee of $250