2016-2017 Tuition Rates

Tuition for the 2016-2017 academic year is detailed below. For programs not listed below, students pay the per-credit rate equivalent to one-quarter hour for their programs. 

College of Nursing

Program* Per credit hour rate
Pre-licensure Direct Entry MSN program for non-nurses (all fees included) $995
Post-licensure MSN, DNP, PhD programs (all fees included) $1,050
*Students should expect an annual increase in tuition.  

The Graduate College

Program Per term rate Per credit rate
Biotechnology (MS) $16,000 N/A
Clinical Research (MS) N/A $1,000
Integrated Biomedical Sciences (MS) $9,000 N/A
Integrated Biomedical Sciences (PhD)* N/A $1,000
*Annual program fee of $250    

College of Health Sciences

Undergraduate program Per credit rate
Health sciences $500
Imaging sciences $562
Vascular ultrasound $576
Medical Laboratory Science $533
Perfusion Technology $601
Respiratory Care $574
Graduate program Per credit rate (unless otherwise noted)
Audiology $623
Clinical laboratory management $592
Clinical nutrition $713
Health sciences $600
Health systems management $720
Medical laboratory science $592
Occupational therapy $596
Perfusion technology $645
Physician assistant studies (first year) $12,000 per term
Physician assistant studies (second year) $7,913 per term
Physician assistant studies (third year) $6,330 per term
Respiratory care $592
Specialist in blood bank technology $592
Speech-language pathology $623

Students-at-large pay the per credit rates listed above.

Rush Medical College

Rates are effective fall 2016 through summer 2017. In addition to the rates below, each student pays a continuous enrollment fee of $12,698 per term (Fall/Spring), $8,465 per term (Summer).

Program year Rate per year, full time
M1 $51,306
M2 $50,790
M3 $50,790
M4 $50,790