Rush Wilderness Medicine Society


When considering the distinction between urban and wilderness medicine, Wilderness Medicine Institute highlights extended time to definitive care, environment (either as the primary issue or as an exacerbating agent), improvisation of equipment for treatment, communication and decision making without outside consult and an emphasis on prevention as the fundamental components of wilderness medicine. Outside of the classical application (e.g., care in the backwoods of a National Park), medical treatment that involves any of the above considerations can qualify as wilderness medicine, thus highlighting the importance of this emerging field.

The goal of the Rush Wilderness Medicine Society is to hold workshops and possible field excursions focused on developing skills (improvised splint building, etc.) and discussing the pathophysiology of various wilderness related topics, provide students with information regarding local wilderness medicine related events, facilitate networking with other students and professionals interested in wilderness medicine and to educate students about the opportunities to get involved in wilderness medicine and ways in which to incorporate wilderness medicine into a fulfilling career.

Examples of Past Events

  • Introduction to Wilderness Medicine - Dr. Matthew Stauffer
  • Endurance Marathons - Dr. Jay Sharp
  • Antarctica - Dr. David Young
  • Altitude Medicine - Dr. Matthew Stauffer

Contact Information

Co-President: Alice Burgess
Co-President: Max Harris
Advisor: Scott Heinrich, Assistant Professor, Rush Medical College

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