Rush Trauma


Rush Trauma is dedicated to increasing the awareness of trauma medicine for all colleges of Rush University.

Rush Trauma is a student organization whose primary purpose is to provide Rush University students with a comprehensive understanding of trauma care. It is our goal to increase student exposure to the practice of trauma medicine and provide opportunities for students to interact with faculty of the Trauma and Burn Unit at Cook County Hospital.

Our organization does this by coordinating clinical shadowing opportunities, hosting seminars consisting of educational material relating to the field of trauma medicine, and providing workshops featuring pertinent multi-disciplinary trauma clinical skills training. Furthermore, Rush Trauma engages students in all colleges of Rush University, providing interdisciplinary programs and fostering inter-professionalism as it relates to trauma care.

Contact Information

Medical Student Steerer: Anthony Delehanty
Nursing Student Steerer: Karina Diaz

Advisor: Dr. Yanina Purim-Shem-Tov, MD, MS, Associate Professor