Association of Women Surgeons


The Association of Women Surgeons Chapter at Rush Medical College is dedicated to the mission of inspiring and supporting women in all stages of medical training and to inspire, encourage, and enable female surgeons to achieve their personal and professional goals. To that end, the establishment of the chapter at Rush Medical College will facilitate the success of aspiring women surgeons by:

  1. Highlighting practicing role models at local institutions and within the community
  2. Providing networking and mentorship opportunities with surgeons and surgical residents
  3. Providing a forum for open discussion and collaboration on strategies related to professional development and the challenges woman surgeons face

Ultimately, this unique focus will provide opportunities in which personal and professional interests, concerns and common experiences can effectively be addressed.

Contact Information

Co-President: Melissa Porterhouse
Co-President: Emilie Rembert
Advisor: Dr.¬†Cristina O’Donoghue, MD, MPH, Department of Surgery, Rush Medical College