Mock Study Section

Have you ever wanted feedback on your grant prior to submission? Interested in finding out how a grant review panel works? In September 2021 Rush Research hosted the inaugural Mock Study Section to provide researchers with detailed review and relevant feedback on individual grant applications being prepared for upcoming deadlines. 

Mock Study Sections will continue to be held throughout the year prior to each of the three NIH R mechanism due dates.

Event Description

The Rush Research Mock Study Section simulates NIH study sections to provide a realistic review and discussion of grant applications prior to their official submission. Participants submit complete drafts of their proposals, which are assigned to seasoned reviewers from the Rush University faculty. Reviewers score grants based on NIH review criteria and meet as a panel to formally discuss and score applications. Applications will receive an impact score as they would from an NIH study section. Following the event, score sheets will be compiled and sent to applicants for them to use to revise their grant proposals prior to the official deadlines.

The Mock Study Section meeting is open to applicants and observers to gain insight into the grant review process.

Who Can Participate

This opportunity is open to anyone at Rush who plans to submit a grant application. This includes faculty and trainees.

How to Participate
  1. Complete and submit the LOI form (refer to schedule below). You will need to prepare a cover letter, abstract, and biosketch. LOI submission is required, and proposals without an LOI will not be reviewed.
  2. Submit your full proposal by 5pm (refer to schedule below). Submission link will be emailed to participating PIs. All components should be complete and follow NIH guidelines. Incomplete proposals may not be reviewed.
    • Follow this link for NIH applications guides, which include instructions for all the necessary award components for each type of award mechanism.
    • If your grant is a resubmission, include the Introduction and previous Summary Statement.
  3. Attend the Mock Study Section. Refer to schedule below.
  4. Use the feedback from the discussion and your score sheets to revise your grant prior to official submission.
Submission Deadline
    LOI Due      Pre-Proposal Deadline
(by 5 p.m.)
Mock Study
2/05/2022 11/01/2021 11/10/2021 12/15/2021
6/05/2022 4/04/2021 4/13/2022 TBD
10/05/2022 7/18/2021 7/27/2022 TBD
Additional Information

Any preliminary questions can be sent to Norma Sandoval or Alexandra Thomas, PhD.

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