Sponsored Programs Administration

The sponsored programs administration team helps faculty and staff obtain and manage sponsored awards to support their research activities by doing the following:

  • Reviews and approves proposals submitted to sponsors
  • Assists in interpreting, negotiating and accepting grants and contracts for sponsored programs funded by foundations, federal and state agencies, and other public sources
  • Provides guidance to assure proper stewardship of received funds
  • Prepares and negotiates subawards for collaborative research

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide superior guidance and support to faculty, staff, and administration in the pursuit of funding and collaborations for research, education and outreach.

Contact us

Jennifer Garcia
Director, Sponsored Programs Administration 
Phone: (312) 942-3554

Yvonne Harris
Senior Grant and Subaward Specialist 
Phone: (312) 563-1990

Lorraine Gibson
Senior Grant and Subaward Specialist
Phone: (312) 942-2411

Jennifer Stadler
Grant and Subaward Specialist
Phone: (312) 563-1989