Julion Selected as Member of Leadership America Class of 2015

Friday, October 4, 2013

Wrenetha Julion, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN, professor at Rush University College of Nursing, has been selected to join an elite network of more than 5,000 women as a member of the Leadership America Class of 2015.

“Dr. Julion is one of 40 outstanding women leaders competitively selected from across the nation to participate in the longest-running women’s leadership development program in the US. Throughout the year-long program, she will have the opportunity to broaden her perspective and enhance her recognized leadership skills as the program visits three of our nation’s key cities. Each city’s agenda will feature some of our nation’s leading decision-makers and future-forward thinkers who will provide our participants cutting-edge information to inform their professional and community leadership for years to come,” said Martha P. Farmer, Founding and Executive Director of Leadership America, now in its 28th consecutive year.

Julion commented, “This is an amazing opportunity to learn from a highly accomplished group of women scholars, policy experts, innovative thinkers and high profile visionaries. I expect that the transformational leadership skills I acquire will prove beneficial here at Rush, as well as in both national and global health care arenas.”

Launched in 1988 as the first nationwide program for women’s leadership development, Leadership America is patterned after its sister program, Leadership Texas, and is run by the Texas-based Leadership Women, Inc. “Leadership America was started by our founders to allow women leaders the ability to expand their grasp and influence on the issues surrounding our nation and the globe.” said Candace O’Keefe Mathis, CEO of Leadership Women, Inc.

The theme for the 2015 program year is ‘LEADING WITH A GLOBAL VISION: Strategic…Collaborative…Future Focused.’ “Participants will visit Atlanta, Seattle and Santa Fe where each city’s opportunities and challenges will provide glimpses into possible futures in the participants’ spheres of influence and suggest roadmaps for leading us forward as a nation and as members of the global society,” Martha Farmer added.

“We consider it a privilege to assemble these influential women leaders from a broad diversity of professional and personal backgrounds and provide them opportunities to consider new modes of listening; to seek new perspectives; and to imagine new collaborations that will provide new solutions to the challenges of today’s interconnected global society. We recognize it is necessary for today’s successful leaders to understand the cultural, social and economic shifts confronting all nations. The Leadership America experience informs, influences and inspires these women leaders to shape the future of our evolving nation and ever-changing world.”

Through the generous contributions of the Leadership America Program Sponsors, the program continues to provide the most up-to-date information on leadership and issues affecting our nation. Leadership America proudly recognizes Kaiser Permanente and Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing as Program sponsors.

For additional information visit Leadership America’s website.