Mentoring Opportunities


Student Nurse Association

Rush University’s Student Nurse Association (RU-SNA) facilitates the RU-SNA mentor-mentee program for GEM students. SNA is passionate about this opportunity allowing students to give back and guide newer cohort students through the GEM program. The peer ​mentor program is a great way to get involved and build connection during your time at Rush. Mentees who come from newer cohort students are matched with older cohort mentors. New matches are made prior to the start of term 1 for new students.

The mentor-mentee program is especially beneficial for term 1 and 2. Mentors who has previously taken the courses might have study tips and answer any questions that may come to mind during the first few weeks/months of the term. RU-SNA hosts at least one mixer event per term where mentors and mentees can meet in person during school hour. Lastly, communication between mentors and mentees can be completed via email, text, phone call, social media, or face-to-face.

Look out for emails and Facebook posts if you are interested in joining the program. Join us on Facebook at Rush University Student Nurses Association (RU-SNA) to learn more about upcoming scholarship and volunteer opportunities.



THRIVE mentorship matches a GEM student mentee with a DNP or PhD student mentor. Matching takes place in the Fall term of every year. For GEM students this is specifically in either their 3rd or 4th term depending on which takes place in the Fall.

The matching process occurs by each GEM mentee and DNP/PhD mentor filling out a google survey. The mentors list their history as nurses and their current DNP/PhD track. The mentees list the nursing area(s) they are interested in. In addition both mention how often they’d like contact with each other. THRIVE matches occur based on these responses. Contact your CON Student Council representative for additional information.


Scholar Programs (GEM)

Rush University College of Nursing is pleased to announce the Scholar Programs:

  • Gerontology Nurse Scholar

  • Public Health Nurse Scholar

  • Women, Children, Family Nurse Scholar

The scholar programs will be a unique opportunity to foster an ongoing mentored relationship to explore professional development hours and a capstone project in an area of older adults; public health; or women, children family nursing. A primary goal of the scholar program is to develop a cadre of generalist scholars with a passion for these fields. In the past, specialty scholars have been accepted as Schweitzer fellows, presented at national conferences and pursued advanced degrees.

Gerontology Nurse Scholar Program

With the aging of the Baby Boomers, those aged 65 and older are projected to almost double from 43.1 million in 2012 to nearly 84 million in 2050 (U.S. Census Bureau, 2014). Given this substantial increase in the older adult population, the growing need for registered nurses to care for them is of national significance. Gerontological nurses care for the health of older adults at all levels of prevention, and in a variety of settings including the community, hospital, long term care, skilled care, home care, as well as palliative and hospice care (Conley & St. Pierre, 2014).

The roles of the gerontological nurse are diverse, and may include, but are not limited to: direct-care provider/practitioner, educator, leader, researcher, advocate, evidence-based clinician, counselor, consultant, coordinator of services, administrator, collaborator, and geriatric care manager (Conley & St. Pierre, 2014).

GNS scholars will receive:

  1. mentorship by experienced Adult-Gerontology/Gerontology-Psychiatric faculty
  2. concentrated opportunities to connect to the older adult through practice, research, and education

  3. support to attend Rush sponsored events and related conferences

  4. recognition as Rush Gerontology Nurse Scholar

A primary goal of the program is to develop a cadre of generalist nurse scholars with a passion for care of older adults.

Two fellows per GEM cohort will be selected in the third term of the GEM program. The scholar experience begins term 3 and ends upon completion of term 6.

Interested candidates should contact and

Public Health Nurse Scholar Program

Generalist public health nurses (PHN) carry out daytoday functions in state and local public health organizations and community-based agencies, including clinical, home visiting, care coordination, and populationbased services. Responsibilities of the public health nurses may include working directly with at-risk populations, carrying out health promotion programs at all levels of prevention, basic data collection and analysis, field work, program planning, outreach activities, programmatic support, and other organizational task.

PHN scholars will receive:

  1. mentorship by experienced PHN faculty,

  2. mentorship with identifying professional development and capstone opportunities

  3. identify opportunities to attend conferences and guest speaker events reimbursed up to $500

Required PHN scholar meetings per term:

  1. One group lunch meeting (usually week 6, Monday, 12pm)

  2. One meeting with faculty mentor

Photos of Scholar activities can be viewed here.

We typically accept four fellows per GEM cohort selected in the second term of the GEM program. The scholar experience begins term 3 and ends upon completion of term 6.

For questions, please contact Dr. Monique Reed at

Women, Children, Family Nurse Scholar Program

The focus of the generalist women, children and family nurse (WCFN) is patient and family centered health and the well-being of infants, children, adolescents and women throughout their life cycle. Responsibilities of the WCFN may include providing patient and family centered care in working directly with infants, children, adolescents and women in health promotion, preventative measures and advocacy activities.

Benefits of the WCFN scholars program are:

  1. mentorship by experienced WCFN faculty.

  2. opportunities for attendance at local, national conferences and local guest speaker events.

  3. opportunities involvement in research, education and scholarship activities.

  4. recognition as a Rush College of Nursing WCFN Scholar

Up to two scholars per GEM cohort will be selected in the fourth term of the GEM program. The scholar experience begins term 5 and ends upon completion of term 6.

For questions, please contact Dr. Lynn Mohr at