ADA Task Force


Paula J. Brown
Manager, Diversity and Inclusion, and Community Employment Liaison
(312) 942-7094


Sarah Ailey, PhD, RN
Associate Professor, Community and Mental Health Nursing
Chair, Adults With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Committee
(312) 942-3383

Janis Anfossi, JD
Associate Vice President, Compliance and Privacy
(312) 942-8123

Karen Batty, RN, ANP
Instructor, Adult Health Nursing
Chair, Thonar Award Committee
(312) 942-6196

Anne Burgeson
Director, Internal Communications
(312) 942-5582

Sheila Dugan, MD, PT
Associate Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
(312) 942-6445

Tanya Friese, DNP
Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, Department of Community, Systems and Mental Health
Educational Coordinator, Road Home Program: The Center for Veterans and Their Families
(312) 666-1331

Marcus Glover
Senior Consultant and Senior Recruiter, Human Resources
(312) 942-0611

Robyn Golden, LCSW
Director, Rush Health and Aging
(312) 942-4436

Aoife Lee
Director, Spiritual Care and Mission, Rush Oak Park Hospital
(708) 660-5658

Robert Leven, PhD
Assistant Dean for Basic Education
Associate Professor, Anatomy Department
Director of Special Student Services
(312) 942-6779

Sarah Mitchell, LCSW
Clinical Social Worker, Rush Health and Aging
(312) 942-6445

Carlos Olvera
Manager, Interpreter Services
(312) 563-3010

Jaime Parent
Vice President and Associate CIO, IT Operations
(312) 942-0640

Muhammed Saif Ullah
Student, Rush Medical College

Evadney L. Stephens
Laboratory Technician 3
(312) 942-2618

Joanne Schupbach
Audiology Coordinator, Communication Disorders and Sciences
(312) 942-3676

Eva Wimpffen
Volunteer, Volunteer Office
(312) 942-5574

James Young, MD
Chair, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
(312) 942-4869