Interns’ Corner

Talib Chaudhry

Medical School: University of Oklahoma College of Medicine


Why I Chose Rush: I was drawn to Rush by both the people as well as the culture of excellence. Specifically, training at Cook County and Rush University Medical Center provides a diversity in training that is rewarding and extremely educational – from the patients, to the attendings, to your co-residents. Beyond academics and training, Chicago is a great, large city with all the perks that come with being one; the food, the nightlife, the lake, the culture, there really is something for everyone here. This program provided me a place from which I could pursue my goals and be surrounded by people who would make the journey fun and exciting. The camaraderie and sense of family here is something that is really valued and something that I have really come to love; there is always someone there for you, whether it’s after a long day or whether it’s to grab some food!


I look forward to being able to enjoy the lake and food scene here the most once safe to do so!


Samantha Demoss
Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School


Why I Chose Rush: I interviewed at Rush early in the application cycle and remained impressed by their program throughout the interview trail. Specifically, I was drawn to the diverse patient population served by both Rush and Cook County Hospital and the opportunity to learn how to manage surgical disease in both settings. Another highlight of the residency program is the flexibility - regardless of whether you are interested in an academic career, global health, or working in the community setting, this program is designed to set you up for success!


As an intern, I have been impressed by the amount of support I have found within the program - both from my co-residents and the faculty. From early mentor pairing to wellness programs, the people here truly want to see you succeed and work hard to make that happen. Intern year is a big adjustment and being part of a supportive team has made all the difference. And, of course, it goes without saying that Chicago is a fantastic place to live!