Interns’ Corner

Talib Chaudhry

Medical School: University of Oklahoma College of Medicine


Why I Chose Rush: I was drawn to Rush by both the people as well as the culture of excellence. Specifically, training at Cook County and Rush University Medical Center provides a diversity in training that is rewarding and extremely educational – from the patients, to the attendings, to your co-residents. Beyond academics and training, Chicago is a great, large city with all the perks that come with being one; the food, the nightlife, the lake, the culture, there really is something for everyone here. This program provided me a place from which I could pursue my goals and be surrounded by people who would make the journey fun and exciting. The camaraderie and sense of family here is something that is really valued and something that I have really come to love; there is always someone there for you, whether it’s after a long day or whether it’s to grab some food!


I look forward to being able to enjoy the lake and food scene here the most once safe to do so!


Lisvette Hernandez Cobian
Medical School: University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine


Why I Chose Rush: When considering which program to chose for my residency, I knew I wanted to be part of an inclusive, diverse community that promotes a positive atmosphere and welcoming environment for incoming residents. Rush provides a great program culture that includes high level training in multiple surgical subspecialties with facultative staff from many parts of the world. Exposure to the latest surgical technologies since the first year of training allows residents to gain adequate preparation in terms of surgical techniques and clinical/practical skills. Rush training program is centered on the idea of providing health care to a diverse patient population, such as underserved communities which is particularly meaningful to me coming from Puerto Rico. This diversity among patients, residents, faculty and the community in general, as well as the opportunities and positive working environment Rush provides made me realize this was the best program to complete my residency.


What are you looking forward to in Chicago: Being part of such a big city like Chicago for doing my residency offers so many diverse options for anything I feel like doing. There is always something to do. I am looking forward to my first white Christmas, attending broadway shows for sure, sight scenery, learning from all the different cultures and specially, exploring all types of cuisine and enjoying the food( Deep-dish pizza in particular) with great company.