Today’s leaders are confronted with multiple complex challenges never experienced before. New skills, strategies, and mindsets are required to meet the critical needs of organizations, employees, and patients.

The Center for Innovative and Lifelong Learning’s Immersive Leadership Retreat series fosters essential skills for creating thriving cultures, honing decision-making skills, and making the greatest impact.

Each in-person retreat will focus on a single leadership topic in an immersive and integrative learning experience. Afterward, leaders will be able to directly apply their new skills. Choose to take one, several, or all of the retreats, depending on your leadership needs.

Clinical, non-clinical, and administrative healthcare leaders will actively engage with one another, bringing relevant experiences to enhance their learning.

Upcoming Leadership Retreats include:

Three colored blocks arranged like steps, with an upward arrow
Wooden block with a question mark and a light bulb visible on two sides
Line drawing of two connected circles, one chaotically scribbled and the other neatly outlined
Colorful wooden balls forming a carefully balanced diamond shape
Wooden blocks showing a handshake
Arrows pointing toward a bullseye
Wooden blocks spelling out the word BRAND
Wooden blocks showing a handshake
Group hoisting a flag
Magnet attracting wooden blocks depicting people
Silhouette of head with puzzle pieces



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