Medical Spanish for Medical Professionals


Course begins:  October 7, 2019

Course ends:    November 17, 2019

6-week facilitated online course with (1) optional, live, lunch-time session



Course Description:

During this 6-week, facilitated online course, students will be taught a broad enough lexicon so that they will feel confident in their effort to diagnose a medical problem and thereafter communicate successfully with the patient regarding treatment and prognosis.

Taught by Dr. Isabel Castrejon, Associate Professor at Rush University Medical Center and a fully trained (in Spain) Rheumatologist (MD, PhD) with a research focus on patients reported outcomes, including patient questionnaires to improve the communication between patients and physicians.

The best of both worlds, this course blends the flexibility of online instruction with the individual feedback and touchpoints of live instruction. The online components are organized into modules, with easily completed components assigned to each of the weeks. During week 5, an optional, live, lunch-time session will take place on Rush University’s campus. Lunch will of course be provided.

This course is intended for healthcare providers who already have a pretty good sense of Spanish, but just need more medical vocabulary to sharpen their skills.

The information included in this course is not medical advice, and should not be treated as such. Importantly, this course is not intended to replace a certified professional medical translator and does not provide an official certification to communicate with patients in Spanish.

This course is not available for CE Credit.

Learning Objectives:

  • Communicate in simple Spanish using mainly the present tense, regular past tenses and different expressions to indicate future actions.
  • Correctly pronounce and utilize specific medical terminology learned during the course as well as high frequency Spanish vocabulary words.
  • Communicate with Spanish speaking patients by asking basic personal questions as well as questions about their health.
  • Conduct a medical history and answer medical questions of a Spanish-speaking patient.
  • Provide patients the basic information and instructions related to medical procedures and prescriptions in Spanish.


Tuition:  $148



Non-Student Disclaimer:
This course was designed for practicing clinicians in need of continuing education. It may not be appropriate for individuals still undergoing clinical education.