Ece Mutlu, MD, MBA, MS

Department of Internal Medicine, Rush Medical College
Role: Clinician, Faculty and Researcher
Joined Rush in 1999


I was lucky to be born into a family that encouraged scientific thinking and exploration. This led me to become a scientist. I also wanted to be in a profession that would allow me to help others. I thought medicine was the best way to do both of these things. After medical school, I realized medicine is run like a business in the US. In order to understand the complex business/medicine relationship, I pursued an MBA while I was in residency and fellowship. My love of research made me seek a Master’s of Science degree in Clinical Research. As I read more, I realized most illnesses are not genetic in adults. Rather, they are environmental. I now conduct translational research, on a variety of illnesses and focus on the role of environmental factors in their development.

What inspired you to get into your field?

I thought I would thrive in a diverse field that includes hands-on procedures as well as a great deal of thinking. This is why I chose gastroenterology.

What excited you about your work at Rush?

Rush has a diverse set of patients who are wonderful. The main attraction of working at Rush is the patients.

What is your opinion of mentoring and sponsorship? Please comment about your experiences.

Mentors are there to ensure that the knowledge and wisdom they have accumulated over the years for themselves gets passed on to future generations through their mentees.

Do you have tips or advice you would recommend for someone looking to enter your field of work?

Try to be the best in only one aspect of your profession. The current demands do not allow you to be a good researcher,a good teacher, and a good clinician. I recommend that you pick one of these and try to be the best at it.

What are your hobbies? How do you like to spend your free time?

I enjoy watching documentaries.