CTEI Faculty Involvement

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How faculty influence what we do at the CTEI

Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is comprised of a volunteer group of faculty members who want to learn about technologies that CTEI might consider for implementation at the university level. Participants in this team will take part in vendor demonstrations and make recommendations to pilot technologies that they think faculty would find useful. Anyone can volunteer to participate by filling out this form.

Educational Innovation Team 

The Educational Innovation team is comprised of faculty from all four Rush University Colleges, CTEI staff, Information Services (IS), and the library. The CTEI shares all of its efforts with the Ed. Innovation Team and the members offer advice, suggestions, and ideas to ensure we are supporting the faculty in the way it needs support.
Anyone is welcome to participate on this team, but we ask that you commit to participating for an academic year.
Current members of the Educational Innovation Team:
Allison Li, CON student
Branka Manojlovic, CTEI
Angela Solic, CTEI
Brandon Taylor, CTEI
Lynette Washington, CTEI
Steven Wightkin, IS
Reina Williams, Library