Research Support for Faculty and Students

The Office of Nursing Research and Scholarship provides a wide range of support services to faculty and students.

Student scholarships
Proposal Assistance

The office provides help through all stages of the proposal process, including the following:

  • Consultation, including statistical consultation and monthly think tanks and mock reviews throughout the year
  • Preparation, including budget preparation, online submission consultation, application formatting and editing and University grant processing
  • Service referrals, such as for transcription, editing, translation, etc.
  • Implementation, such as statistical support and data management
PhD student support

The following documents contain useful information about dissertation grants and scholarships:


See a list of upcoming workshops

Grant assistance

The office helps identify grant funding sources. In addition, faculty pilot research grants are available. The following documents contain more information about nursing grant opportunities:

Investigator support

The following documents contain useful information for investigators:

Student travel

Travel awards are available to Rush University College of Nursing students to present their research.