Preceptor Resources

The faculty, staff, and students of Rush University College of Nursing greatly appreciate the valuable contributions provided by our preceptors in support of student education.  Your participation in our academic programs signifies a deep commitment to the quality of our educational process. As part of this process, students are assigned challenging, precepted clinical experiences on a trimester basis. Our belief is that this is best accomplished by targeting advanced practice nurses, physicians, and other health care professionals with advanced degrees for the preceptor role in our Master of Science in Nursing and Doctor of Nursing Practice programs. Rush views participating preceptors as highly essential resources to our graduate students’ clinical education.

The following resources are provided as support tools to facilitate your efforts and success as a preceptor. These tools are intended to be helpful for preceptors at all levels of previous teaching experience. It is our sincere hope that these resources prove helpful to you, and we welcome feedback toward future improvement of this guide.

Preceptor orientation resources

The following documents will orient you to being a preceptor at Rush, and prepare you to precept Rush nurse practitioner students.

Program-specific information

The Rush specialty coordinators for each program will provide you with the clinical syllabi and course evaluation form specific to your program.

Additional resources

The following preceptor toolkits were developed by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and the Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association. Both organizations have provided permission to use these toolkits on this site to benefit our Rush preceptors.

Additional opportunities in the college

Adjunct Faculty Appointment

Appointment as a Rush University College of Nursing adjunct faculty member formally recognizes a preceptor who has contributed to the education of our advanced practice students over time as a preceptor or lecturer. Because we highly value the contributions of our preceptors, we encourage them to seek nominations as an adjunct faculty member in one of three departments in the College of Nursing. This status is associated with several privileges including access to the library and faculty programs and events. Submission of a curriculum vitae (CV) is required.

Please contact the chairperson or a faculty member if interested.

Department of Adult Health and Gerontological Nursing
Acting Chairperson –

Department of Community, Systems, and Mental Health Nursing;
Chairperson -

Department of Women, Children, and Family Nursing;
Chairperson -

Recertification and verification of preceptor hours

Rush University College of Nursing will provide verification of hours of preceptorship. Following each term, we will send a formal “thank you” letter which includes the number of hours that you have precepted. We will also complete the ANCC Preceptorship Form for our NP and CNS preceptors who require this for recertification. Should you need this form, please send it to