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Nurse Anesthesia (CRNA) Program Information FAQ
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Admission Information 
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Admission Information
What is the admission criteria? 
Admissions citeria and application instructions can be found here.   
What are typical GRE scores of applicants? How can I prepare for the test?
To be competitive your GRE scores should be verbal 150 or higher, quantitative 149 or higher, and analytic writing 4.0 or higher. Preparation for the GRE is recommended. You can prepare with one of the many books, computer programs or classes available. We do not recommend one book, computer program or course over any of the others. More information about the GRE, including practice exams, can be found at can be found at this link.
What if I’ve already taken the GRE?
If you have taken the GRE in the past, that score may be utilized. Please note that ETS retains GRE scores for five years. However, if you have an original copy of the report you received, you may submit it in lieu of retaking the GRE. If you no longer have an original copy of your GRE scores, you will need to retake the GRE. 
How will I hear from the Admissions Department about my application?
You will be informed of all decisions made on your application via email.
Must all of my application materials be received by the the application deadline?
Priority will be given to those applicants for whom we have received all materials by the application deadline. If the application is not complete by the deadline, the program reserves the right not to consider it. It is the applicant’s responsibility to assure that all materials have been received by NCAS by the application deadline. Keep in mind it can take up to 10 days for transcripts to be processed by NCAS and once all transcripts are recieved it can take up to 12 days to verify. 

What happens after I complete my interview?
After all qualified applicants have been interviewed, your application will be reviewed in a “pool” with the other applicants for that cohort. Admission recommendations are then forwarded to the Admissions and Progressions Committee of the College of Nursing. It is their charge to offer admission to qualified candidates.

How many students are admitted per year?
Each year a class of 24-28 students is admitted. A waitlist will be determined at the same time admission decisions are made.

When will I find out if I have been accepted? 
Decision dates are listed on our website, please check them periodically throughout the process.
Program Information
The DNP program is academically front-loaded, with gradually increasing clinical experience during the second year of the program. Following successful completion of the didactic sequence, students begin a 15-month clinical residency and complete their DNP projects. During this residency, students learn to provide anesthesia for patients across the lifespan at all acuity levels, undergoing surgery of all types, including thoracic, cardiovascular, neurological, transplant, trauma, obstetrics and others. The time commitment throughout the program is extensive.

Is the nurse anesthesia program accredited?
Yes, the program is accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs (COA; 222 S. Prospect Ave., Park Ridge, IL, 60068; 847-655-1160; The program was re-accredited by the COA in May, 2015 for the maximum 10 year accreditation period. Our next review is scheduled for Spring, 2025. The program works collaboratively with COA on quality assessment and quality improvement activities. 

What is the certification examination pass rate and employment rate for the most recent graduating class?
 The first-time certification exam pass rate for the class of 2014 was 96%. This well exceeds the 2014 COA preferred pass rate of 79%. The employment rate of the the most recent graduating class was 100%.   

What is the current attrition rate?
The attrition rate for the class of 2015 was 0%. 

When do classes start? 
Classes start each summer term. 
Should I take graduate classes before I apply for the NAP program?
Many applicants take graduate courses prior to their application and admission to the nurse anesthesia program. This serves several purposes. First, it establishes that you can successfully complete graduate-level classes. This is especially important if your undergraduate grades of GRE scores are not what you would like them to be. Second, should you be admitted, it decreases the number of courses you would take per term for the first year of the program. Successfully completing graduate course work prior to applying to the anesthesia program may also make your application more competitive.
Can I take graduate classes at Rush without being admitted to a specific program?
The following courses may be taken prior to applying to the nurse anesthesia program, subject to availability. Up to 12 credits may be taken as a student-at-large. For information on available classes and in which format these classes will be offered - live or online please visit the Student at Large Information page.
• NSG 521, Organizational and Systems Leadership – 3 credits
• NSG 522, Applied Epidemiology and Biostatics for Nursing Practice – 3 credits
• NSG 523, Research for Evidence-Based Practice – 3 credits
• NSG 524, Health Promotion in Individuals and Clinical Populations – 3 credits
• NSG 531, Advanced Pharmacology – 3 credits
• NSG 532, Advanced Physiology – 3 credits
• NSG 533, Advanced Pathophysiology – 3 credits
How long does the program take to complete? What type of degree is awarded? 
The full-time DNP program is 40 months in length and begins in the fall term. Students are officially admitted in the summer term to allow them to take prerequisite courses as admitted students. If students have already taken the prerequisite courses or they do not wish to take courses in the summer term, then their full-time program of study begins in the fall term.
Since this is a full-time program and I will not be able to work during the program is there financial aid available?
A combination of grant and scholarship support provides significant tuition offsets in the range of $12,000-$14,000. We strongly recommend applicants seek outside funding or contact potential employers for additional financial support.
1. The application for transfer procedure must be completed when an enrolled student wishes to change their program concentration and/or degree. The transfer must be approved; there is no guarantee of movement from one program to another.
2. The Program Director in the proposed concentration/degree determines the necessary requirements for the review process.
3. The Registrar processes changes at the end of each term.
4. The change is official as of the start of the new term if student accepted into the proposed major/concentration.
5. If permission is granted and as space permits, students will only be allowed to transfer to an already matriculating cohort of students.
You may apply for:
1) any advanced practice specialty MSN-DNP program that is different from your first specialty area or
2) one of the DNP leadership tracks, either Systems Leadership or Leadership to Enhance Population Health Outcomes. 
International Students
The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is required for applicants who are non-native speakers of English. This requirement may be waived if the applicant has completed a minimum of three years of higher education AND received their baccalaureate degree in the United States.
For all other questions please contact Jennifer Thorndyke at
Can international students apply to the Rush University College of Nursing?
As many courses are taught in an online format in our DNP programs, we regret we are unable to accommodate international students in the US on a student visa.  Applicants who intend to complete a program in their country of origin will be reviewed on an individual basis, please contact Rush University College of Nursing at before applying.
If you have additional questions or want to make an appointment to discuss the program, please contact:  
Information regarding the admission’s process can be obtained from Jennifer Thorndyke at
Again, thank you for your interest in Rush!  
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