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The New Year brings another opportunity for the Communication Disorders and Sciences (CDS) faculty and students to get together with their colleagues. The 20th Annual Illinois Academy of Audiology (ILAA) Annual Convention and the Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ISHA) 54th Annual Convention recently took place. CDS once again showed an outstanding presence at both events.

ILAA 2014
Dena Fahlquist, Audiology student – Doctoral Scholarship Award
Steve Hallenbeck, Audiology Alum and adjunct faculty member – The President’s Award
Monika Tiido, Audiology student – Outstanding Student Presentation
Joanne Schupbach, Assistant Professor and Audiology Clinical Education Manager – The President’s Award
Student Presenter – Andrew Blank
Title – Audiology 911: The Presentation of Sudden Sensorinerual Hearing Loss and Counseling Patient Fears
Student Presenter – Cheryl Caldwell Robinson
Title – Supports and Resources for Families of Children Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: Audiologist's Perspectives
Student Presenter – Kristen Cortese
Title – Frequency Pattern Training and Speech Perception
Student Presenter – Natalie Hodge
Title – The Foster Care Patient: Convoluted Management and Care
Student Presenter – Monika Tiido
Title – The candidacy criteria for frequency lowering devices in school-age children with hearing loss
ISHA 2014
Student Presenter – Elizabeth Mikolajczyk
Faculty Advisor – Kerry Ebert, PhD
Title – Story quality in school-age children evaluated for language disorders

Student Presenter – Sarah Ruger
Faculty Advisor – Derek Stiles, PhD
Title – Understanding Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder: From Diagnosis to Treatment

Student Presenter – Bridget Mahler
Faculty Advisor – Karen Tessler, PhD
Title – SLP Treatment for a Patient with Moebius Syndrome

Student Presenter – Paige Platenik
Faculty Advisor – Karen Tessler, PhD
Title – Velopharyngeal Incompetence’s Effect on a Musician after Cleft Repair

Presenter – Karen Tessler, PhD and Joanne Schupbach, MA, MS
Title – Why I Should Accept a Graduate Student Intern for Practicum

Presenter – Gail Kempster, PhD
Title – Voice Assessment and Intervention in the Changing Health Care Environment

Presenter – Cheryl M. Scott, PhD
Title – Teaching complex sentences: Practices with impact for school-age students

Photo Caption: A few of the student presenters at ILAA. 



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