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The impressive list of presentation and posters given by Rush students, faculty and Advisory Board members for the American Academy of Audiology annual convention. the largest gathering of, by, and for audiologists in the world, AudiologyNOW! 2014 took place in Orlando in late February.

Rules, Rules, Rules: It Isn’t As Bad As It Seems!
Presenter: Paul Pessis, AuD
A Minority Within a Minority: Potential Obstacles to Care Experienced by Hispanic Children with Hearing Impairment
Presenter: Elizabeth Selle, B.S. and Mike Hefferly, PhD
Wireless Technology: Where Have We Been? Where Are We Now? Where Are We Going?
Presenter: Steven Hallenbeck, AuD; Laurel Christensen, PhD
Audiologists as Expert Witnesses
Presenter: Tom Thunder, AuD
ReSound LiNX: Superior Amplification and a Direct iPhone Connection
Presenter: Laurel Christensen, PhD
Assessment of the Peripheral Vestibular System in Pediatric Patients
Presenter: Devin McCaslin, PhD
Grand Rounds: Adult Diagnostics
Presenter: Linda Hood, PhD
Children’s Reaction Time to Auditory-Visual Stimuli in Varying SNR
Presenters: Derek Stiles, PhD and Cheryl Caldwell
DoD HCE’s Pharmaceutical Interventions for Hearing Loss Working Group (PIHL) Overview
Presenter: Kathleen Campbell, PhD
Binaural Directionality: The AND Solution to Hearing Aid Processing in Noise
Presenter: Tammy Stender, AuD
The Ear as a Ticking Timebomb
Presenters: Andrew Blank, B.S. and Patricia McCarthy, Ph.D.
Measurement of Noise Levels in Drinking Establishments: Possible Harmful Effects
Presenters: David Hirchak, B.S. and Patricia McCarthy, Ph.D.
Maternal Perceptions of Universal Newborn Hearing Screenings
Presenter: Jessica Elliott, B.S. and Derek Stiles, PhD
Fitting Strategies for Tonal-Language-Speaking, Hearing-Impaired Patients: An Evidence Based Practice Systematic Review
Presenters: Lindsay Eldridge, BS, Dianne Meyer, PhD, Emily Wang, PhD, Mike Hefferly, PhD
Frequency-Pattern Training and Speech Perception in Normal-Hearing Young Adults
Presenters: Kristen Cortese, Valeriy Shafiro, PhD, Stan Sheft, PhD, Derek Stiles, PhD
What Kind of Audiologist Do I Want To Be?
Presenter: Paul Pessis, AuD, Gyl Kasewurm, David Fabry,PhD
The Role of Context in Environmental Sound Perception by Older Adults
Presenters: Paige Formsma, Valeriy Shafiro, PhD, Stan Sheft, PhD, Derek Stiles, PhD
The Importance of Counseling in Adult Cochlear Implant Patients
Presenters: Drew Price and Keri Kwarta, AuD
It’s All About How You Say It: Applying Usability Research to Clinical Practice
Presenter: Steve Hallenbeck, AuD
Grand Rounds: Adult Aural Rehabilitation
Presenter: Patricia McCarthy, PhD
Hearing Aids: 2013 in Review
Presenter: Gus Mueller, PhD

Photo Caption: Audiology student, Kristen Cortese. 


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