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Assistant Professor
Graduate College, Rush Medical College
1750 W. Harrison St.
Jelke Building
Suite 1533
Chicago, IL 60612
1750 W. Harrison St.
Jelke Building
Suite 1533
Chicago, IL 60612
(312) 563-2436
(312) 563-3552
MD, School of Medicine Carol Davila, Bucharest, Romania, 1973

Internship in laboratory medicine, School of Medicine, Bucharest, Romania
Biological Phenomena Cell Phenomena and Immunity, Biological Sciences, Cardiovascular Diseases, Circulatory and Respiratory Physiology, Genetic Structures, Informatics, Physiological Processes, Viruses
Animal surgery/Modeling, Antibody Production, Bioinformatics, Chromatography, Cytokine Assessment, ELISA Development, Gene Chip Technologies, Gene Transfection, Imaging Techonology, Immunohisto-/immunocytochemistry, Microscopy (Electron Transmission Fluorescence Confocal), PCR, Proteomics, Real-time PCR, Spectrophotometry, Transgenic Animal Technology/Microinjection, Ultra centrifugation techniques, Western Northern Southern Blotting

Scientific Interests
Vesicular carriers and trafficking, pulmonary fibrosis, receptors and effectors.

The laboratory has a solid record of using electron microscopy as the main imaging method. The emphasis is on TEM and SEM with a particular attention for immunostaining, quantitation and spatial reconstruction. We are also using many methods from light microscopy including immunostaining on fixed and semi thin cryo sections, FRET, FRAP and confocal microscopy.

Area of Research
The preferred area of research is vascular biology with emphasis on endothelial heterogeneity, cellular signaling, signaling to and from cytoskeleton, inter-endothelial communications, and endothelial interaction with themselves and with their surroundings. My special interest is on the development and adequate usage of molecular methods particularly the one related to gene expression and gene activity control.
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