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Assistant Professor
Graduate College, Rush Medical College
1735 W. Harrison St.
Cohn Research Building
Ste. 456
Chicago, IL 60612

1735 W. Harrison St.
Cohn Research Building
Ste. 453
Chicago, IL 60612

(312) 942-6666
(312) 563-3552
Postdoctoral training, Hiroshima University, Japan, 2002

PhD, Hiroshima University, Japan, 2000

Animal Diseases, Female Genital Diseases and Pregnancy Complications, Neoplasms, Physiological Processes, Reproductive and Urinary Physiology
Animal surgery/Modeling, Cytokine Assessment, ELISA Development, Imaging Techonology, Immunohisto-/immunocytochemistry, Microscopy (Electron Transmission Fluorescence Confocal), Proteomics, Western Northern Southern Blotting

Ovarian cancer is a fatal gynecological malignancy of women and the lack of a specific early detection test is one of the main reasons of higher death rate due to ovarian cancer. Our goal is to establish an early detection tool for ovarian cancer targeting tumor associated neo-angiogenesis, one of the earlier events in ovarian carcinogenesis. Because it is difficult to study in humans, we are using laying hens;the only widely available spontaneous model of ovarian cancer. With laying hens, we are developing an early detection method for ovarian cancer based non-invasive contrast enhanced targeted ultrasound imaging in combination with circulatory and cellular markers of tumor associated neo-angiogenesis.

Research/Teaching Interests

Female reproductive biology, Endocrine-Immune regulation of ovarian function, ovarian immune responses to self and foreign antigens, ovarian carcinogenesis, tumor associated angiogenesis, animal model of ovarian cancer.

Selected Publications

1.Barua A, Edassery SL, Bitterman P, Abramowicz J, Dirks AL, Bahr JM, Hales DB, Bradaric MJ and Luborsky JL, (2008). Prevalence of anti-tumor antibodies in laying hen model of human ovarian cancer. International Journal of Gynecological Cancer, In Press.

2.Barua A, Bitterman P, Abramowicz J, Dirks A, Bahr JM, Hales DB, Bradaric MJ, Rotmensch J, Edassery SL, and Luborsky JL (2008). Histopathology of ovarian tumors in laying hen, a preclinical model of human ovarian cancer, International Journal of Gynecological Cancer. In press.

3. Barua, A, Abramowicz, J, Bradaric, MJ, Edassery, SL, Dirks, A, Holub, KA, Bitterman, P, Bahr, JM and JL Luborsky, (2007) Detection of Ovarian Tumors in Chicken by Ultrasonography: a step towards early diagnosis in humans? J Ultrasound Medicine, 26: 909-919.

4. Barua, A, Bradaric, MJ, Kebede, T, Espinosa, S, Edaserry, SL, Bitterman, P, Rotmensch, J and JL Luborsky, (2007) Anti-tumor and anti-ovarian autoantibodies in women with ovarian cancer preferentially detect malignant ovarian cancer, Am J Reprod Immunology, 57(4):243-249.

5. Stammer K, Edassery S, Barua A, Bitterman P, Bahr JM, Hales DB and Luborsky JL (2008). Selenium-Binding Protein 1 expression in ovaries and ovarian tumors in the laying hen, a spontaneous model of human ovarian cancer. Gynecological Oncology; 109:115-121.

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