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Associate Dean for Research,
College of Health Sciences
Director, Proteomics Translational Core
Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pharmacology, Preventive Medicine
College of Health Sciences, Graduate College, Rush Medical College
1735 W. Harrison St.
Cohn Research Building
Ste. 416
Chicago, IL 60612

1735 W. Harrison St.
Cohn Research Building
Ste. 453
Chicago, IL 60612

(312) 942-6602
(312) 563-3552
PhD, State University of New York, 1975

BA, New York University, 1969

Biological Phenomena Cell Phenomena and Immunity, Biological Sciences, Chemical and Pharmacologic Phenomena, Endocrine System Diseases, Female Genital Diseases and Pregnancy Complications, Immune System Diseases, Neoplasms, Reproductive and Urinary Physiology
Imaging Techonology

Research Interests
Our work addresses the continuing need to better detect, understand and control this disease, by studying both human ovarian cancer and a novel animal model, the egg-laying hen.  The susceptibility and etiology for cancer appears to be multi-factorial and may include a combination of genetic, epigenetic, environmental and chronic inflammatory effects, although the specific sequence and relative roles are not well defined for many cancers, including ovarian cancer. There is accumulating evidence that autoimmunity/inflammation contribute significantly to cancer progression. We showed there is an autoimmune disease of the ovary and that the same autoantibodies are found in both women with infertility and ovarian cancer.  This is consistent with the well known epidemiologic evidence that infertility has a risk of ovarian cancer.  In order to examine these relationships further, we used the egg-laying hen, which spontaneously develops progressive ovarian cancer at a high rate.  The same autoantibodies as found in humans (including anti-p53) are detected in longitudinal studies.  These results suggest the hen model may facilitate the pre-clinical development of detection tests and of treatments to arrest or prevent ovarian tumors
Selected Publications
1.      Luborsky, JL, (2002), Ovarian autoimmune disease and ovarian antibodies: a review, J Women’s Health & Gender-Based Medicine, 11(7): 585-599. PMID: 12396892
2.      Luborsky, JL, Barua, A, Shatavi, SV, Kebede, T, Abramowicz, J, and Rotmensch, J (2005) Anti-Tumor Antibodies in Ovarian Cancer, Am J. Reprod Immunol, 54: 55–62. PMID: 16105096
3.      Barua A, Bitterman P, Hales D, Abramowicz J, Bradaric M, Edassery S, Bahr J, Luborsky JL (2009) Histopathology of Malignant Ovarian Tumors in Laying Hens, a Preclinical Model of Human Ovarian Cancer, International Journal of Gynecological Cancer, 19(4):531-529. PMID: 19509547
4.      Barua A, Bitterman P, Bahr J, Hales D, Rotmensch, J, Luborsky JL, and Abramowicz, J (2010). Detection of tumor associated neo-angiogenesis during early stage ovarian cancer by Doppler ultrasound in laying hens: A preclinical spontaneous model of human ovarian cancer, Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine, 29(2):173-82. PMID: 20103787
5.      Edassery, SL, Shatavi, SV, Penumatsa, P, Kunkel, Yu Yi, J, Brucker, C, Dias, J and Luborsky, JL (2010) Autoantigens associated with ovarian autoimmunity in unexplained infertility and POF, Fertility & Sterility, 94(7): 2636-41. PMID: 20522323
6.      Penumatsa, K, Edassery, SL, Barua, A, Bradaric, MJ, Luborsky, JL (2010) Differential expression of aldehyde dehydrogenase 1A1 (ALDH1) in normal ovary and serous ovarian tumors, J Ovarian Research 3(1): 28-34. PMID: 21176222
7.      Bradaric, MJ,  Barua, A, Penumatsa, K,  Yi,Y, Edassery, SL, Sharma S, Abramowicz,JS, Bahr, JM, Luborsky, JL (2011) Sphingosine-1 Phosphate Receptor (S1p1), a Critical Receptor Controlling Human Lymphocyte Trafficking, is Expressed in Hen and Human Ovaries and Ovarian Tumors, J Ovarian Research, 4(1): 4-11. PMID: 21356044
8.      Yi Yu, SL Edassery, A Barua, P Bitterman, J Abramowicz, JM Bahr, I Hellstrom and Luborsky, JL (2011) The hen model of human ovarian cancer develops anti-mesothelin autoantibodies in response to mesothelin expressing tumors. J Ovarian Research, 4:12-20.  PMID: 21801396
9.      Luborsky, JL, Y Yu, SL Edassery, J Jaffar, YY Yip, P Liu , KE Hellstrom and I Hellstrom (2011)   Autoantibodies to mesothelin in infertility, Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 20(9):1970-8. PMID: 21846819



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