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Professor, Audiology
Department Chairperson and Section Director
Communication Disorders and Sciences
College of Health Sciences
600 S. Paulina St.
Armour Academic Center
Ste. 1017
Chicago, IL 60612
(312) 942-3289
(312) 942-7211
PhD, Audiology, Northwestern University, 1986

MS, Audiology, University of Illinois

BFA, Speech & Hearing, Ohio University

Selected Publications

Meyer, D., Mullins, G., Tanner G. (2013, August) From There to Hear, from Hear to There: EHDI Programs Everywhere! AudiologyOnline live webinar (#22759)

McCarthy, P., Meyer, D., Schupbach, J. (2013, April) Cultural Awareness in Au.D. Admissions, Coursework and Clinical Education. Conference Presentation, Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Phoenix, AZ.
Whitelaw, G. and Meyer, D. (2013, April) Central App: Not Just for Undergraduates Anymore! Benefit to the Profession of Audiology. Learning Module presented at the American Academy of Audiology convention, Anaheim, CA.
Meyer, D. (2011, November). Speech-language pathology in China: Challenges and opportunities. The ASHA Leader.
Meyer, D.H. (2011, May) Newborn Hearing Screening and Early Intervention for Hearing Loss. Symposium presentation, Dept. of Rehabilitation Medicine, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China.
Meyer, D.H. (2011, May) Audiologic Assessment of Infants and Young Children. Symposium presentation, Dept. of Rehabilitation Medicine, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China.
Meyer, D., Grady, J., Chubinskaya, S., Suhayda, R., Noonan, M., Boyd, K., Chen, R., Dwyer, E. (2012, August) Revisiting the practitioner-teacher model at Rush University. Poster session presented at the Professional Development Conference, AAMC Group on Faculty Affairs and Group on Diversity and Inclusion, Indianapolis, IN.
Meyer, D., Moskop, J. Winston, A. Schupbach, J. (2011, April) ABR results in quiet and active subjects. Poster session presented at the American Academy of Audiology Convention, Chicago.
Maceda, J., Meyer, D., Kwarta, K. (2011, April) Bilateral vs Unilateral CIs in Children: Speech-in-Noise Outcomes. Poster session at the American Academy of Audiology Annual Convention, Chicago.
Meyer, D. and Fox, R. (2010, April) The Ph.D. shortage: Student retention. Presentation at the Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders Annual Conference, Austin, Texas.
Wilbur, L., Meyer, D., Tanner,G., Foltner, K. Ferre, J. (2009, January) Women and Leadership in Audiology. Presentation at the Illinois Academy of Audiology Annual Convention, Chicago, IL.
Danhauer, J., David, K., Johnson, C., and Meyer, D. (2009) Survey of pediatricians and early hearing detection and identification programs at a precise local level: An academic medical center. Seminars in Hearing, 30, (3), 165 – 183.
Meyer, D., Hanks, W., Olek, M. (2007) Continuing Professional Education in Audiology: Who, What, Why, Seminars in Hearing, 28 (Feb), 2007

Meyer, D. (2007) Future Perspectives in Audiology Continuing Education, Seminars in Hearing, 28 (Feb), 2007

Meyer, D. (2006) Payment During the 4th Year AuD Experience, Annual Meeting of the Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders, CAPCSD, CAPCSD

Meyer, D., Applebaum, E. (2005) Audiologic Tests for Otologic Surgery, Surgery of the Ear and Temporal Bone, 2nd Edition, Philadelphia, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (bookchapter)

Meyer, D. (2004) Evidence-Based Practice and Audiology,, The Newsletter of the Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Meyer, Dianne H., Early identification: Principles and practices, Rehabilitative Audiology: Children and Adults, 3rd ed, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2000

Expertise and Research Interests

Dianne Meyer, PhD's teaching and research are in the areas of auditory electrophysiology, diagnostic audiology and pediatric audiology. She has published over 35 articles, abstracts and book chapters and has made over 100 presentations at state, national and international meetings. Meyer combines her research interests with those of Rush AuD students who are working on their investigative projects.

Meyer has held membership on numerous national committees and boards, and she has served as president of state and local professional organizations. She has chaired  the Advisory Committee for Newborn Hearing Screening for the State of Illinois. Recently, she served as chair of the Board of Trustees of the American Academy of Audiology Foundation. 
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