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Clinical Nutrition, PhD in Health Sciences
College of Health Sciences
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Chicago, IL 60612
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PhD, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

MS, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Behavioral Disciplines and Activities, Biochemical Phenomena Metabolism and Nutrition, Cardiovascular Diseases, Clinical Chemistry, Laboratory Techniques and Procedures, Mental Disorders, Neoplasms, Nervous System Diseases, Nutritional and Metabolic Diseases
Chromatography, Cytokine Assessment, Population Studies, Spectrophotometry, Ultra centrifugation techniques
Christine C. Tangney, PhD, is professor in the Department of Clinical Nutrition at Rush University Medical Center, and has been teaching future dietitians and other health professionals in the classroom, workshops and webinars for more than 30 years. She has advised 82 clinical nutrition graduate students pursuing their master's or doctoral degrees. In addition, she has advised medical fellows and doctoral nursing candidates at Rush and at the University of North Carolina. She is the nutritionist/co-investigator for a clinicopathologic study of diet and brain vitamin E levels of deceased participants from the Rush Memory and Aging Study; she serves in a similar capacity in another NIH-funded study on the role of metals in diet and brain pathology in the same cohort. She was also the nutritionist/co-investigator on the Chicago Health and Aging Project Nutrition study, a NIH-funded, 19-year prospective community study of older Chicagoans designed to identify potential nutritional risk factors for cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. In another study, she and her students have examined the lifestyle practices of adult survivors of childhood cancers in collaboration with investigators at University of Illinois at Chicago. These behaviors also are being examined for breast cancer survivors and their daughters in an ongoing study, known as the Diet and Activity Lifestyle or DiAL study A previous American Cancer Society-funded study addressed weight management issues of breast cancer survivors using eHealth She has authored or co-authored over 100 papers, five book chapters and presented or lectured at more than 125 conferences, addressing the use and refinement of dietary indices (HEI, MedDietScores, HEI 2005) and biomarkers of healthy women and men and those with chronic diseases, in particular, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson's disease and cardiovascular diseases.
Publications 2007-present
Tangney CC, Rasmussen Heather A. Polyphenols, inflammation, and cardiovascular disease. Curr Atherosclerosis Reports. 2013;15:324.
Kroeger CM, Klempel MC, Tangney CC, Bhutani S, Trepanowski JF, Grumpricht E, Cho S, Varady KA.  Role of adipokines in improving coronary heart disease risk factors during an intermittent fasting/calorie restriction regimen in obese women. Nutrition & Metabolism 2012;9:98 PMID: 23113919
Staffileno BA, Tangney C, Wilbur J, Marquez DX, Fogg L, Manning A.Bustanmante EE, Morris MC. Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension patterns in older Latinos with or at risk for hypertension J Cardiovascular Nurs 2013; 28 (4): 338-347.   PMID:  22722473
Skarupski KA, Tangney CC, Li H, Evans DA, Morris MC The association of Mediterranean diet with depressive symptoms among older adults over time. J Nutr Health Aging 2013;17(5): 441-445.  PMID:23636545
Tangney C“Is there a link between vitamin B12 deficiency and cognitive decline in the elderly?” Aging Health 2012: 8 (5): 441-443. (Invited Editorial)
Cunnane S, Schneider JA, Tangney C, Tremblay-Mercier J, Fortier M, Bennett DA, Morris MC.Plasma and brain fatty acid profiles in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease. J Alzheimer’s Disease 2012; 29 (3):691-697.  
PMID: 22466064
Tangney CC, Scarmeas N. The good, bad and the ugly. How blood nutrient concentrations may reflect cognitive performance. Neurology 2012:78 (4): 230-231 (invited Editorial)    PMID:22205762
Vanderwall C, Tangney C, Kwasny M, Gustashaw K. Predictors of
elevated circulating folate concentrations among adults aged 45 years or more in NHANES 2003-2004. J Am Diet Assoc 2012;112:285-290.    PMID: 22732462 
Morris MC, Tangney CC. Fatal flaws of randomized trials of vitamin supplements: Dementia example. Commentary: JAMA 2011;305:1348-1349. 21467288
Tangney CC, Aggarwal NT, Hong Li, Wilson RS, DeCarli C, Evans DA, Morris MC. Vitamin B12, cognition, and brain magnetic resonance imaging measures. Neurology 2011;77:1276-1282.
Hensley K, Barnes LL, Christov A, Tangney C, Honer W, Schneider JA, Bennett DA, Morris MC . Analysis of postmortem ventricular cerebrospinal fluid from patients with and without dementia indicates association of vitamin E with neuritic plaques and specific measures of cognitive performanceJ Alzheimer’s Disease 2011: 24 (4): 767-774 21321395.
Huang E, Gregoire MB, Tangney C, Stone M. Sustainability in hospital foodservice. J Foodservice Business Res.2011;14(3): 241-255.
Morris MC, Tangney CC. Diet and prevention of Alzheimer Disease.  JAMA 2010;303;2519-2520.   PMID: 20578272
Tangney CC, Carlson K, Kwasny MJ, Rockway SW, Staffileno BA Validation of the Omron pedometer and the Yamax DigiWalker against hand tally. Gazzetta Medica Italiana, Arch Sci Med  2011;170 (2):93-102.ISSN: 03933660
Rosenson RS, Helenowski IB, Tangney CC. Heterogeneous postprandial lipoprotein responses in the metabolic syndrome, and response to fenofibrate therapy. Cardiovascular Drug Ther 2010: 24(5):439-447.   PMID:20922563
Tangney CC, Kwasny M, Li H, Wilson RS, Evans DA, Morris MC. Adherence to a Mediterranean type dietary pattern may reduce cognitive decline. Am J Clin Nutr 2011;93:601-607. PMID: 21177796
Skarupski KA, Tangney CC, Li H, Ouyang B, Evans DA, Morris MC. The longitudinal association of vitamin B6, folate, and vitamin B12 with depressive symptoms among older adults over time. Am J Clin Nutr 2010; 92:330-335.  PMID:
Tangney CC, Tang Y, Evans DA, Morris MC. Biochemical indicators of vitamin B12 and folate insufficiency and cognitive decline. Neurology 2009;72:361-367.   PMID: 19171834
Stoernell CK, Tangney CC, Rockway SW. Short-term changes in lipoprotein subclasses and C-reactive protein levels of hypertriglyceridemic adults on low-carbohydrate and low-fat diets. Nutrition Research 2008; 28: 443-449.   PMID: 19083444
Morris MC, Tangney CC. Is dietary intake of folate too low? Lancet 2007;369(9557):166-7. 17240266
Rosenson RS, Tangney CC. Preanalytical sources of measurement error: The conundrum of the homocysteine hypothesis. Atherosclerosis 2007;194:520.  PMID: 17109864
Grants 2007-present
“Delay Discounting and Household Food Choices” Appelhans B, Tangney CC (Co-investigator, 10%, all years, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, September 2013- August 2017
“Green tea effects on gene expression in tobacco users” Schwartz JL, Adami G (at UIC), Tangney CC (consultant), National Cancer Institute, July 2013 – June 2015
“Advanced Nursing Education: Interprofessional Education—Pediatrics through the Ages” Miller JM, Odiaga J, Tangney CC (5%, all years), Health Resources and Services Administration, July 2013- June 2016
 “Influence of Dietary Fish and Mercury Exposure on Brain Health and Dementia. Morris MC, Tangney CC (Co-investigator, 3% both years) National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, August 2012- July 2015
 “Epidemiologic Study of Brain Vitamin E, Diet, and Age-Related Neurologic Diseases” Morris MC & Schneider JA (P/Is), Tangney CC (Co-Investigator/Nutritionist, 10%), National Institutes of Aging; July 2007 – June 2013; one year no cost extension
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