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Policies on Provisional or Probationary Status
If a student’s grades fall below a quarter or cumulative GPA average of 3.0, or if a student receives a grade of “F” in any course, s/he will be placed on academic probation. A student on academic probation remains on probation until s/he has met the requirements established by the Student Progress and Promotion Committee for removal from academic probation.
Residency Requirements
This MSRA program will utilize distance-learning technology. We expect that there will be a number of students from the State of Illinois, but residency in the State of Illinois will not be required.
Practicum, Internships, Clinical or Field Experience Requirement
As a part of the prescribed plan of study, students must choose an area of concentration in order to complete the practicum series. The overall aim of practicum courses is to introduce students to the roles and responsibilities in the following research administrative offices: sponsored projects, clinical trials management, research finance, research compliance, research integrity, intellectual property and technology transfer. Following the initial practicum experience, which is designed to introduce students to working in each of these areas, students may then choose one of these areas for a second concentrated practicum experience: grants administration, project management, budget and fiscal management, compliance and audit, or intellectual property and technology transfer.
Research Requirements
The student enrolled in the Master of Science in research administration program will be required to complete a research paper in order to graduate. This program requirement will be completed through courses MRA 598A, MRA 598B and MRA 598C under the supervision of the student’s faculty advisor.
Qualifying or Comprehensive Examination Requirements
The capstone of the MSRA program will be the research project. There will not be a requirement for a qualifying or comprehensive examination.
Time Limits for Completion of Program
Students will be required to complete all course work including their research paper within five years of enrollment in the program.

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