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About Rush University

Rush University Medical Center has a long history of providing and researching best practices in patient care. The Patient Experience Research Initiative, within the Health Systems Management program, works to further develop the understanding of the patient experience and promote scholarship to provide empirically-based knowledge on the experience of patients.

Goals of the Patient Experience Research Program
  1. To promote an understanding of the patient experience so that it can be applied to the organization and design of health care facilities, and the training of those who provide care and service to patients.
  2. To encourage the publication of papers by Rush researchers and HSM students.
  3. To support HSM students in their research on the patient experience.
  4. To support RUMC efforts to further improve patient satisfaction.
Current Funded Research at RUMC
  • "Patient satisfaction data as a tool for assessing litigation risk." Press, Ganey-funded research project of Francis Fullam (faculty), Andrew Garman (faculty) and Jamila McClinton (HSM master's student).
  • "What determines patient satisfaction with pain management?" Press, Ganey-funded research project of Andrew Garman, PsyD and Valerie Hemmersbach.
John E. Ware Patient Experience Research Award

The John E. Ware Patient Experience Research Award is given annually to the student project at Rush which uses patient feedback in the most innovative or effective manner. Patient feedback is defined as any as any system of obtaining information from patients or family members about their thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions or evaluation of their health care experience or activities. The award is named in honor of John E. Ware, a pioneer in the systematic use of feedback from patients to improve their care. While at the Rand Corporation, Ware was the principal investigator of the Medical Outcomes Study which developed the widely used SF-36 Health Survey. The award comes with a $100 honorarium from the Patient Experience Research Initiative of the Department of Health Systems Management.

Recent Lectures at Rush
  • Patient Satisfaction in the 21st Century: Implications for the Academic Medical Center. Irwin Press, PhD, co-founder of Press Ganey Associates Inc., spoke about his decades of work with hospitals and the lessons he has learned and taught about patients' perspectives on care received. He also spoke about the special challenges and advantages that academic medical centers face in meeting patient needs and achieving high levels of satisfaction. (December 4, 2007)
  • Managing Patient Satisfaction: How Chicago Area Medical Centers Integrate Patient Satisfaction Measurement into Management and Improvement Processes. A panel of managers of patient satisfaction programs at Chicago area academic medical centers (Loyola, Rush, Northwestern, University of Illinois) discussed how their institutions manage and use the information from patient feedback. (October 3, 2006)
  • Reducing the Risk of Medical Litigation Through a System of Monitoring Patient Comments, Gerald Hickson, MD, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (April 6, 2006)
Data Sources

RUMC has a continuous database from 1997 to the present of over 70,000 patient, inpatient, outpatient, and ambulatory surgery and ER surveys. This is in an easy-to-access SPSS format. This resource has provided data for dozens of HSM student papers and faculty publications.

  • "Patient satisfaction as a predictor of return-to-provider behavior: Analysis and assessment of financial implications" QMHC, A. Garman, J. Garcia, and M. Hargreaves. (2004).
  • "Considerations for research on consumer empowerment and psychosocial interventions" Psychiatric Services, 48(3), 347-352., Corrigan, P. W., and A. Garman (faculty), A. N., (1997).
  • "Staff burnout and patient satisfaction: Evidence of relationships at the care unit level" Garman, A. N., Corrigan, P. W., & Morris, S. B. (2002).Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 7, 235-241.
  • "Patient satisfaction with nursing care: A multilevel analysis" Aiello, A., Garman, A. N., & Morris, S. B. (2003). Quality Management in Health Care, 12, 190-193.
  • "Satisfying Your Customers. Consider the Alternative" Campbell, B. C. (2000). Health Exec 15(6): 55-6.
Conferences and Poster Sessions
  • Preparing for HCAHPS at an Academic Medical Center. A conference for members of the University HealthSystem Consortium held June 18, 2007 at Emory Helathcare in Atlanta, Ga. Co-chaired by Francis Fullam and Redge Hanna. The conference brought together UHC members, representatives of CMS overseeing the HCAHPS project and representatives from Professional Research Associates, Press Ganey, and National Research Corporation, the major research firms administering the HCAHPS survey for many hospitals.
  • Using Patient Feedback to Reduce Malpractice Risk Francis Fullam, presented at Press Ganey National Client Conference, November 14, 2006, New York, New York.
  • Analyzing the Association of JCAHO Survey Preparation and Patient Satisfaction Scores Ronny Philips, MS 2004. Presented at poster session, NAHQ (National Association of Healthcare Quality) Annual Conf. in Orlando, Fla., on September 16, 2004. Accepted for poster session, ISQH (International Society for Quality in Healthcare) Annual Conf at Amsterdam, 2004.
  • What Are the Patients Priorities and What do Academic Medical Centers Have in Common? Francis Fullam, Patient Satisfaction Meeting of University HealthSystem Consortium Members, May, 17, 2004. Fullam also co-chaired the conference.
  • Patient Satisfaction: Is There A Business Case? Andrew Garman, Patient Satisfaction Meeting of University HealthSystem Consortium Members, May, 17, 2004.
  • Creating a Patient Centered Care Service Strategy Francis Fullam, The Magic of Customer Service, University HealthSystem Consortium Conference, October 12, 1999, Lake Buena Vista, Fla.
  • The Voice of the Patient Customer Satisfaction Tools to Reduce Risk, Francis Fullam, MMI Knowledge Exchange Forum, June 26, 1999, Orlando, Fla.
  • Building a Patient Centered Care Organization, Francis Fullam, American Hospital Association Conference, August 23, 1995, San Francisco, Calif.
  • Bringing About Patient Centered Care, Francis Fullam Picker Institute Conference, April 20, 1995, Cambridge, Mass.
  • Restructuring Around the Patient, Francis Fullam North Thames Regional Health Authority Seminar, June 16, 1994, London.
Working Papers
  • Liter, C., Campbell, S., Glandon, G. L., Hargreaves, M., & Llewellyn, J. (1998). Analysis of the relationship between patient satisfaction and length of stay. Rush University, Department of Health Systems Management Working Papers Series.
  • Raich, M. N. (2000). Exploring the relationship between employees' participation in quality improvement training and their perceptions of customer service. Rush University, Department of Health Systems Management Working Papers Series, 07-00.
  • Garcia, J. S. (2001). Relationship between degree of patient satisfaction, likelihood to recommend, and subsequent return to hospital provider. Rush University, Department of Health Systems Management Working Papers Series(02-01).
  • Joshi, D. (2003). The Effect of Waiting Time on Overall Patient Satisfaction in the ER. Rush University, Department of Health Systems Management Working Papers Series, 04-03.
Graduate Papers
  • Dental Anxiety and Frequency of Dental Visits in Adult Hispanic Population of Little Village, Chicago; Gustavo Saberbien-Garcia, MS 2006 (Outstanding Student Research Presentation. Rush University College Awards. Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society, 2006)
  • Does High Productivity Sacrifice Patient Satisfaction?; Collen Reis, MS 2006
  • The Effects of H-CHAPS on the Patient Satisfaction Surveying Process; Jennifer Draudt, MS 2006
  • Correlates of Satisfaction with Discharge Experience; Sean Sitzes, MS 2006
  • Using a Patient Satisfaction Survey as a Tool to Assessing Litigation Risk; Jamila McClinton, MS 2005
  • Patient/Physician Communication and Overall Patient Satisfaction in the Ambulatory Surgery Setting; Kathryn Ruetz, MS 2005
  • Evaluating the Relation between Nursing Job Satisfaction and Patient Satisfaction in an Academic Medical Center; Henry Jackson, MS 2005
  • The Relationship of Surgical Complications and Length of Stay to Patient Satisfaction; Annie Barz, MS 2005
  • Analyzing the Association of JCAHO Survey Preparation and Patient Satisfaction Scores; Ronny Philips, MS 2004
  • The Effect of Waiting Time on Overall Patient Satisfaction in the ER; Deepa Joshi, MS 2003
  • Understanding the Relationship between Nurse Staffing Pattern and Patient Satisfaction; Latha Sudhakar, MS 2002
  • Identifying Individual and Departmental Influences on Patient Satisfaction; Angelo Aiello, MS 2002
  • Exploring the Relationship between Employees Participation in Quality Improvement Training and their Perceptions of Customer Service; Milian Raich, MS 2000
  • The Relationship between Patient Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction; Matt Bazzani, MS 1999
  • An Analysis of the Relationship between Patient Satisfaction and Length of Stay; Carissa Liter, MS 1998
  • Managed Care: An Analysis of Plan Choice and Satisfaction; Laurie Allen, MS 1998
  • Patient Satisfaction in a Primary Care Free Clinic; Ellen Dinkel, MS 1997
  • The Impact of Demographics and Service Quality on Resident Satisfaction in the Retirement Living Community; Janet Weinberg, MS 1996
  • An Examination of the Factors Which Determine Patient Satisfaction with Home Health Nursing Care; Candy Ayers, MS 1995
  • An Assessment of Customer Satisfaction after Outpatient Surgery; Michael Holland, MS 1993
  • Aspects of Care That Are the Best Predictors of the Overall Rating of Quality by Selected Patients; Staci Willner, MS 1993
  • Determinants of Perceived Satisfaction Among Geriatric Rehabilitation Patients; Lemi-Ola Erinkitoal, MS 1993
  • Patient Satisfaction Following Outpatient Gynecologic Procedures: A Cross-Cultrual Comparison between Two Academic Medical Centers; Elizabeth Blazek, MS 1992
  • Patient Satisfaction, Quality of Care and Behavior Interventions; Christine Kolak, MS 1991
  • A Multidimensional Analysis of Patient and Physician Satisfaction with High-Tech Home Therapy Supplier; Stacy Blitt, MS 1989

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