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About Rush University
Refer to the 2015 - 2016 Housestaff Agreement for full details.

ATMs: There are four Chase ATMs. Three are on the fourth floor of the Armour Academic Center (AAC) right near the Rush Housestaff Lounge and a fourth (for withdrawal only) in the Jelke lobby on the first floor near the cashier's window. The HealthCare Associates Credit Union has one in the Atrium Lobby on the 4th floor.

BOOK/EDUCATIONAL ALLOWANCE/iPad Mini: During the first year of training Rush Housestaff will receive one Apple iPad mini from GME in which they are expected to download and use the Rush Bene App.  GME will not replace lost or stolen iPad minis. These devices are insured for 2 years with Apple Care.  House Officers that will continue training at Rush for longer than a year will receive the educational materials allowance the following academic year and all subsequent years until training is completed. Houseofficers will have an account set up in the Bookstore for the amount of $300 (tax free) for the fiscal year. The educational materials allowance must be used at the Rush University Bookstore in which approved items can be purchased.  Housestaff who are not on a July 1st start date are entitled to one reimbursement benefit per 12-month period.  Housestaff who are at Rush for less than a year will have prorated accounts.

Rush Bookstore: 1st floor, AAC, (312) 942-5845.

BENE: A secure iPhone/iPad app to facilitate sharing of adverse events, near missies, unsafe conditions and inefficiencies, designed for thehousestaff with input from the housestaff and developed at Rush University. The ultimate goal is to improve patient safety. The app allows you to share your safety concerns with the patient safety team with a few clicks. To download the app, go to the Apple App Store. Search for "Rush bene". Downlaod the app. Launch and type in your Rush login and password. See it, share it, so we can fix it.

COMPUTER ACCESS: Residents are able to utilize the Hospital computers via their passcodes assigned by Information Services (IS). Computer terminals are available in the McCormick Educational Technology Center (METC), Housestaff Lounge and most departmental offices 24/7. Rush email, library and medical records can be accessed from home. IS offers a Help Desk support system for troubleshooting. If you have any problems, contact IS Help Desk, either by phone (312) 942-HELP or email

METC: 919 AAC, (312) 942-6799.

CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE LICENSE: An Illinois Controlled Substance License is a required prerequisite for a federal DEA license for those with a permanent license. The cost is $5 and it is geographically-based (you will need one for each site/hospital). You do not need one unless your program requires you to have a DEA. You must have a permanent license to apply, or the application can be completed when applying for a permanent license. When using Rush as your site, use the GME Office address. The license will be mailed to GME and you will be paged as soon as it arrives. Forms are available in the Licensure section of our website. Contact your program to determine need.

COPY CARDS: Housestaff are issued a copy card for use in the Library and printing in the Rush METC. Each card is programmed for 200 transactions. When your card is empty (or close), you may bring it back to GME for a replacement at no cost. Guard these cards well as they are worth money. If you lose your original card, there will be a $5 replacement fee.

Contact: Tina Conley, Graduate Medical Education Office, 466 Atrium Building, (312) 942-5495.

CORPORATE COMPLIANCE: Residents are responsible for ensuring compliance in emergency preparedness, fire safety, corporate compliance, infection control, etc. Yearly updates must be taken on the computer-based LEAP Online program. Failure to comply will result in removal from service. Notifications for renewal are sent via email and must be attended to immediately.

Corporate Compliance: 707 S. Wood, Suite 317, (312) 942-5303.

COUNSELING SERVICES: Confidential psychological and psychiatric support services are available at no charge through the Housestaff Counseling Program.

Counseling Center: 701 Kidston, 630 S. Hermitage, (312) 942-3687.

CREDIT UNION: Rush employees may join the HealthCare Associates Credit Union (HACU) and receive its many excellent benefits such as payroll deductions/direct deposit, IRAs, checking/savings accounts, mortgages and loans (auto, home equity) and free Internet branch online banking. Applications are available in Payroll (TOB Building).

HACU Call Center: (630) 276-5555.

D.E.A. (Drug Enforcement Administration) License: While you are in a training program at Rush, you may use the Medical Center's DEA number followed by a hyphen and your Physician ID number. If your program needs you to have your own DEA license number, you can apply for one on the DEA website. You will need an Illinois permanent license, an Illinois Controlled Substance license and a charge card. The cost is $731 for three years. For Rush Hospital DEA license number, contact GME, (312) 942-5495.

D.E.A., Chicago Division, 230 S. Dearborn Street, Suite 1200, Chicago, IL 60604, (312) 353-1234 or apply online.

DENTAL INSURANCE:  Delta  insurance plan is provided by the Medical Center for housestaff. Spouse, dependents and same-sex partners are covered with a monthly premium of:

House officer free (paid by Medical Center)
Spousal/same-sex domestic partner $20
Family $30
Rush housestaff group number is 2080, your social security number is your membership number.
Delta Dental Plan of Illinois: (800) 452-1987. Contact GME: 466 Atrium Building, (312) 942-5495.

DISCOUNTS: Rush is partnered with PerkSpot, an online discount shopping program, to expand and consolidate the discounts for which you and your family are eligible. In addition to current discounts available (movie tickets, car rentals, fitness club memberships, restaurants), PerkSpot offers employee discounts on a wide range of products and services from well-known companies, including AT&T, Costco, Dick's Sporting Goods,, Target and T-Mobile. To start saving money, register online, using "rush" as the company code. A confirmation email with login instructions will be sent following your registration. Please access the PerkSpot website during work breaks and off hours.

Contact human resources (312) 942-5958, 600 S. Paulina, Suite 403, with questions. For troubleshooting help contact PerkSpot at

EMAIL: All housestaff will be assigned Rush email accounts and you must review your email at least twice a week. This is the primary method of communication from GME, Housestaff Association and your department. Your email can be accessed from outside of Rush through the Internet.

If you have any problems, contact IS Help Desk, either by phone (312) 942-HELP or email

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE: The Employee/Member Assistance Program (EAP/MAP) provides confidential managed mental health care services to help employees/members and families with personal difficulties. There is no cost to the employee/member for using EAP/MAP services. You may self-refer.

Contact (800) 292-2780 or go to Employee Resource System.

EMPLOYEE HEALTH: Rush Employee and Corporate Health (ECH) maintains health records for all employees of immunity to measles, rubella, chicken pox, hepatitis B, tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis (Tdap) and 2-Step Mantoux TB screening, which must be documented prior to start date. A mandatory drug screening test and TB isolation mask fit testing is provided by ECH. Free testing and immunizations as well as flu shots are offered to housestaff. Any house officer work-related injuries, needlesticks or exposures should be presented to ECH. Hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. After hours, report to the Rush Emergency Department with any/all work-related injuries, needlesticks or exposures.

Contact Employee and Corporate Health: 475 Atrium Building, (312) 942-5878.

EMPLOYEE ID Number: Every Rush employee has a unique six-digit employee ID number which starts with the last two digits of the year of first employment at Rush. This number will appear on your Rush ID badge. It is used as the passcode for the LEAP online computerized training modules and will be needed as an identifier at other times. Your ID number also appears on the Letter of Appointment.

Contact GME: 466 Atrium Building, (312) 942-5495.

EMPLOYEE SERVICES: Find out about special services for Rush employees such as child care (LADS), We Care emergency loan fund, Employer-Assistance Housing Program (EAHP), Employee Assistance Program (EAP), pastoral care, security, pharmacy services, florist and volunteer services at the HR Source section of the Rush Intranet.

EMPLOYEE WELLNESS: House staff may utilize the Employee Wellness programs. Examples of offerings: massage therapy, chair therapeutic massage, yoga, Pilates, a book club and more. Health and nutrition resource books are also available.

Contact: Employee and Corporate Health Services, (312) 942-5878 or visit the Employee and Corporate Health intranet site for schedules & newsletter.

EPIC: The electronic medical record system which is used to facilitate seamless and efficient coordination of patient services and health information by integrating clinical and financial systems. EPIC provides clinicians with the mechanism to quickly review patient medications and vital signs, enter orders and access the results of patient's laboratory studies. The system will also provide information about best clinical and safety practices, which evolve over time, and therefore support improvements in patient care outcomes. All housestaff are required to attend Epic training prior to being granted access to the system.

For more information, call (312) 563-EPIC or email:

FAMILY MEDICAL LEAVE ACT: Family Medical Leave Act provides for up to 12 weeks in total to care for a spouse, parent or child with a serious health condition, 4 weeks of which will be paid along with any unused vacation time. If used in conjunction with maternity/paternity leave, the four weeks with pay is the original four weeks previously granted. A form (available on MedHub) must be completed and signed by your program director and filed with GME.

Contact your program director and GME, 466 Atrium Building, (312) 942-5495.

FLEX SPENDING ACCOUNTS: Housestaff have the right of voluntary participation in the "Flex Spending Accounts" for medical, dependent care and transportation (mass transit and parking).

Compensation & Benefits: 600 S. Paulina, 4th floor Academic Center, (312) 942-6637
PBA, customer service 1 (800) 435-5694

FREEDOM PAY: The current meal charge/credit system provides electronic tags which are pre-loaded with $18 per in-house call of 20+ hours on site in the Medical Center, $14 per 15-19 hour scheduled shift, $9 per 12-hour scheduled shift that starts after 12 noon for meals and/or snacks for house officers who are on call (on-call shift is defined as a scheduled shift that is over 14 consecutive hours and physically at Rush). For "home call," the meal funds will be $9 if the house officer comes to the medical center two or more times during that call and works more than 70 hrs/week and taking home call. Freedom Pay is accepted in the Rush cafeteria, all Rush Au Bon Pains, Cafe 7, Rush Remedies, as well as Room 500 (alcohol not included). NOTE: Not all programs qualify for Freedom Pay .

Contact your Program Coordinator re: funds; GME will replace lost tags for a $5 fee.

GRIEVANCES/HARASSMENT:The process is outlined in the House Officer's Agreement and GME policy.

Contact GME: 466 Atrium Building, (312) 942-5495.

HEALTH AND FITNESS CENTER:  Whether you're trying to get in shape, lose weight, be more active or unwind after a busy day - the new Rush Fitness Center is just what you're looking for. The facility includes: a fitness studio, cardio and strength training area, stretching area and men's and women's locker rooms with showers. The enrollment fee is $50 and the monthly dues are $26 for students/residents and $38 for employee/physicians.

Contact:   711 S. Paulina St.

HEALTH INSURANCE: Individual and family subscriber coverage choose from a HSA Plan empowered by Cigna/ Health Equity or Cigna Select EPO, PPO Premier Plan is highly subsidized by Rush and subject to a premium contribution of:

Free for house officer (with no dependent coverage)
$50 per month with child(ren)
$60 per month with spouse/same sex domestic partner
$70 per month with spouse/same sex domestic partner & child(ren)
Customer Service: 1-(855) 999-0286

Review the Web site for more information. New spouses and children can/must be added within 30 days of wedding/births. Same sex domestic partners are recognized.

Contact GME: 466 Atrium Building, (312) 942-5495.

Rush's Human Resource Office has benefits representatives to help with your health insurance benefits including COBRA (once you have signed up through GME).

If your last name
begins with:
Your representative is: Phone Extension:
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and Cobra Insurance Tasha Evans 2-3093
K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, David Novosad 2-3096
I, J, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z Nadine Dykes 2-3092
Contact the Human Resource Benefits Office: 600 S. Paulina, Suite 403, (312) 942-6637.

HOUSE STAFF ASSOCIATION (HSA): Residents and Fellows are encouraged to participate in Rush HSA. Luncheon meetings are monthly at noon the second Thursday of each month. Each training program elects delegates yearly to the HSA. The HSA elects the House Staff Executive Board in April each year. Housestaff can get actively involved representing the views of its membership, advising the administration and other departments, reporting back information and issues to their programs and by sitting on many sub-committees.

HOUSESTAFF AND ADVANCED PRACTICE QUALITY IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE (HSAPQIC): The purpose of this committee is to engage peer housestaff and advanced practice clinicians in improving quality of care and patient safety in collaboration with the hospital leadership and GME leadership. Housestaff involvement is encouraged.

HOUSESTAFF LOUNGE: The new Rush Housestaff Lounge is located on the fourth floor of the Atrium Building, right next to Employee and Corporate Health Services. Housestaff can have access to this 24/7 through the main entrance using their employee id badge. Within the lounge, there are computers, telephones, a small meeting room, television, couches and conference tables. It serves as a good place to drop-in and meet fellow colleagues and to go to get some computer work done. 

Housestaff Loan - This is a $2000.00 loan designed to provide assistance to housestaff based on financial hardship. To apply for the houestaff loan please contact GME or stop by the GME office.

ID BADGES: All Rush employees must wear their photo ID badges (issued by Security) visible and above the waist at all times when in the Medical Center. Be careful to remove your badge when turning in soiled lab coats or scrubs. Take your badge home at night; in case of an emergency/disaster you will need it for admittance back inside. Replacement ID badges cost $25.

Contact: Security  (312) 947-0005.

INJURY ON JOB/WORKER'S COMPENSATION: Worker's Compensation coverage is provided under the laws of Illinois for protection against employment-related accidents or illnesses.

Reports must be filed with Employee Health: 475 Atrium Building, (312) 942-5878.

INTERNATIONAL SERVICES: The Rush Office of International Services works with H-1B and J-1 nonimmigrant international medical graduates. The HR Immigration Specialist, Pamela Buchanan, is the liaison with ECFMG for J-1 housestaff, and with the US Citizenship & Immigration Service for H-1B temporary workers. The office works with immigration status, visa questions and also "settling in" issues such as social security numbers,insurance, housing and banking.

International Services, Suite 403, Armour Academic Center, 600 S. Paulina, (312) 942-3277, e-mail

INTERPRETERS: Foreign and Sign Language Interpreters are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whenever possible, requests should be made as far in advance as possible to aid communication with your patients.

Rush Interpreter Services: (312) 563-2987, Monday - Friday 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. After hours, contact Administrator-on-call pager 85-7123.)

LAB COATS: White lab coats with engraved name and scrubs customarily issued to the House Officer at no cost. Maintenance of the lab coats are the responsibility of the House Officer.  To obtain scrubs, you will be given a Scrub-Ex card with 2 credits. The Scrub-Ex machine to exchange scrubs is located by the Medical Staff Lounge on the 4th floor of the Armour Academic Facility. Scrub-Ex cards are issued by Laundry Services and distributed by your program coordinator.

Contact: Tina Conley, GME, 466 Atrium Building, (312) 942-5495.

LEAP: Residents have the right of voluntary participation in the Educational and Tuition Assistance Program (LEAP) of up to $1,000/academic year. LEAP pays 100% of the costs of Rush-sponsored programs and 90% of off-site program/conference registration fees. For more details about the Leap requirements and application form visit their page on Rush's Intranet.

Contact: Human Resource, Armour Academic Center, 600 S. Paulina St, Suite 403. (312) 942-5958

LIBRARY RESOURCES: Rush University Library carries a comprehensive collection of medical journals, books, government documents and audiovisual material. In addition, our library provides access to a wide range of electronic databases. Many provide full text. Housestaff alumni have special privileges available including off-campus access to the library's electronic resources.

LICENSES: Housestaff are responsible for obtaining and maintaining their Illinois licensure. Forms and instructions are available in the GME Office and in the Licensure section of our Web site. Housestaff are not allowed to begin a training program or have employment benefits until a license to practice medicine and surgery in the State of Illinois is issued. A copy of your Permanent and Controlled Substance licenses must be given to GME and your program office as soon as they are received.

Contact GME: 466 Atrium Building, (312) 942-5495.

LIFE INSURANCE: Life insurance is provided free to all Housestaff by the Medical Center in the form of $50,000 group term insurance. Additional supplemental insurance up to five times yearly salary is available for purchase at group discount rates. Contact Rx Financial Resources: (630) 279-7900 or GME: 466 Atrium Building, (312) 942-5495.

LOAN CONSOLIDATION: Rush University's Office of Student Financial Aid will assist Housestaff and answer questions regarding consolidation and repayment issues. Contact the Financial Aid Office: 440 AAC, (312) 942-6256.

LOAN DEFERMENTS: Bring loan deferments forms to the Office of Graduate Medical Education for processing. They will be completed, mailed/faxed and a copy will be put in your GME file.

Contact: Tina Conley, GME, 466 Atrium Building (312) 942-5495.

LOCKERS: Residents (in non-surgical programs) can be assigned a locker on the 4th floor of the AAC, right behind the Medical Staff Lounge and Attending mailboxes. Individual programs may also offer lockers, as does the OR for surgical specialties. Check with your department first. Lockers may need to be shared due to the number of requests.

Contact: Tina Conley, GME, 466 Atrium Building (312) 942-5495.

LONG TERM DISABILITY: Long term disability benefits start after 90 days of continuous disability in accordance with the eligibility and benefit terms of the long-term disability plan. Notice must be made after 45 days of short-term disability in order to ensure proper processing time. An optional additional supplemental disability benefit plan may be purchased at group discount rates. A conversion privilege is available upon completion.

Contact: Rx Financial Resources, (630) 279-7900,

MALPRACTICE INSURANCE: Malpractice Professional Liability and General Liability insurance coverage is provided while performing services within the scope of employment in an amount no less than $5,000,000/$5,000,000. A House Officer is a 'Covered Person' under the terms of Rush's insurance program for their employment related clinical activities. The name is Rush University Medical Center Self-Trust.Proof of Malpractice insurance is through Rush Legal Affairs, TOB, 1750 W. Van Buren, Suite 301, (312) 942-6886.

Contact Risk Management: Kidston, 101, (312) 942-7828.

MATERNITY/PATERNITY LEAVE: Four weeks of paid Maternity/Paternity/Adoption leave may be combined with vacation time to extend paid leave (see Family Medical Leave Act above and Short Term Disability below). Forms available on MedHub; need Departmental approval; bring form to GME.

McCORMICK EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY CENTER: This media and computer center, which is part of the Rush University Library, fosters independent study and self-enrichment through the use of audio-visual materials and computer software. Almost one hundred  PC computers provide Internet access to Housestaff 24/7 (with ID Badge access). Text and image scanners are available. Laptops are available for check-out for up to two business days. Free computing classes are available by calling the Rush University Library and referencing on-demand workshops.

METC: 919 Armour Academic Center, (312) 942-6799, e-mail; Web site:

MEDHUB: MedHub is Rush's web-based Residency Management System used to provide a standardized approach to track and document a variety of program and resident activities relating to demographics, scheduling, calendars, calls, absences, curriculum, evaluations, duty hours, procedures, and other critical routines. It was developed to promote and improve communication, information workflow and reporting. Housestaff are responsible for utilizing this system according to their program's guidelines and will enjoy the enhanced benefits.

Contact: Jennifer Hayes, (312) 942-2729 or your program coordinator.

MEDICAL RECORDS: Residents are responsible for the timely completion of dictations in accordance with JCAHO mandates, State and Federal Agencies requirements, Rush Medical Staff Policies and Procedures, Rules and Regulations, and the By-laws of the Rush University Medical Center.

  • All operative reports will be dictated the day of the procedure
  • All discharge summaries will be completed prior to patient discharge
  • All dictations will be completed prior to leaving for vacation or away rotations
  • Completion of all dictations is required at year-end in order to advance or graduate
The Health Information Management Satellite Office is open Monday- Friday 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Health Information Management: Suite 449, AAC, (312) 942-3243.

NEEDLE STICKS: Any house officer injured off-site should seek treatment at the off-site emergency department to ensure immediate response and the appropriate source lab work to be done. House officers should not do their own labs (that would not put you in the Workers' Compensation category and would not afford confidentiality). As soon as possible, the house officer must report to Rush's Employee Health Office for follow-up. Bills received for any of these (Workers' Compensation) Emergency visits from Rush or from off-site centers, should be brought immediately to Rush ECH Office for payment.

Contact: Laura Vaught, 4 Atrium, (312) 942-3326.

NPI (National Practitioner Identifier Number): This is a requirement by Medicare where all health providers must obtain their own NPI number. Please be sure that your program coordinator has your NPI number so it can be entered on MedHub. To obtain yours, or to change your status, address, etc, go to the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System's (NPPES) Web site.

NOTARIZATIONS: Housestaff may have documents notarized free in the GME office.

PAGERS:All Rush housestaff will be issued Rush pagers. To page from a Medical Center phone, page number 85; the prompt will direct you to enter the 4-digit pager number and then the return phone number (last 5 digits if in-house). From outside the Medical Center, the pager number is 312 942-6000. Each House Officer will be responsible for replacing a lost or stolen pager only with a Rush pager ($50 charge) within one pay period. E-paging, (text messaging) is readily available via any Rush computer. Message should be no more than 248 letters.(Telecommunications, 075 TOB, 1700 W. Van Buren, 312 942-5650)

PARKING: Free garage parking at the Medical Center is provided by GME. Housestaff are required to pay a $30 deposit for the AVIT, which is refunded when the AVIT is returned upon clearance/graduation. Please note that free parking is a privilege and non-compliance with timely medical records dictation may put this benefit in jeopardy.

Contact GME: 466 Atrium Building, (312) 942-5495; Parking Garage (312) 942-6594.

PAYCHECKS: Residents are strongly encouraged to utilize Direct Deposit where salary is transferred electronically on the Friday of payday every other week into up to four accounts at the bank(s) of their choice. Any resident/fellow paycheck issues should be directed to Paul Boughamer or Jennifer Hayes. The Direct Deposit form is available in GME and on the Human Resources Intranet Web site. A voided check must be attached to the form. Checks that are not automatically deposited may be picked up in the departmental program offices.

Contact Paul Boughamer, GME, 466 Atrium Building (312) 942-6399 or your program coordinator.

PERSONNEL QUESTIONS: For personnel needs (dental, life and disability insurances, payroll, etc.) call or visit the Graduate Medical Education Office.

Contact GME: 466 Atrium Building, (312) 942-5495.

PHYSICIAN I.D. Numbers: All Rush physicians (housestaff and medical staff) are issued unique five-digit Physician ID number which is used when dictating medical records and as an extension when using the Medical Center's DEA number. This is different from the six-digit Employee ID number.

Contact GME: 466 Atrium Building, (312) 942-5495.

POLICIES: All Rush GMEC policies are available for easy access at GME's Policies page. Rush Institutional policies, procedures and initiatives are on the Rush Intranet.

PRESCRIPTION BENEFITS: All House Officers (using Rush health insurances) may utilize the Professional Office Building Pharmacy to receive free prescription medications for Acute Needs. Note highlights:

  • Not greater than a 14-day supply, with no refills.
  • Generic prescriptions' and oral contraceptives' co-pay for Cigna will be paid by GME; formulary/non-formulary pay incremental costs.
  • On other prescriptions, housestaff are entitled to the Rush employee discount of $3 off for prescriptions filled at Rush pharmacies with the exceptions of fertility and cosmetic meds.

Professional Building Pharmacy: 418 PRO, (312) 563-2245,

PRIVILEGE MATRIX: Each program has created a privilege matrix by level for their housestaff which is posted on the Rush Intranet under Clinical Resources, "Housestaff Supervision Guidelines." Housestaff should familiarize themselves with this listing on the Rush Intranet.

REMEDIES: The Remedies canteen offers soup, hot and cold sandwiches, hot entrees, salads and ice cream. Snack and cold food vending machine offerings will include healthy food choices. FREEDOM PAY is accepted here.

Remedies: Jelke, first floor, open Monday - Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 pm, (312) 942-3827.

ROOM 500: This private club (restaurant) is open by membership only. Housestaff are sponsored by GME, and must complete an application and activate the account by picking up their personalized member card. Open for breakfast at 7 a.m., lunch at 11:30 a.m. and bar service from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Accounts are settled monthly. Catering is available. Freedom Pay is accepted, but alcohol is not covered.

Room 500: Searle Conference Center, 5th floor; reservations (312) 942-5522.

SALARIES for 2015 - 2016 Academic Year:

PGY 1 $51,781
PGY 2 $55,009
PGY 3 $56,739
PGY 4 $59,574
PGY 5 $62,376
PGY 6 $64,870
PGY 7 $67,231
PGY 8 $70,166
Psychology Res $29,561

SHORT TERM DISABILITY: Up to three months of leave due to House Officer's serious health condition, extended illness or disability, including maternity-related disability, shall be paid (with benefits). The House Officer must provide 30 days notice (or as much notice as practical if the leave is not foreseeable) to the Department of Graduate Medical Education and the Department Chair of the request for leave, provide a physician's explanation, and complete the necessary forms.

Contact GME: 466 Atrium Building, (312) 942-5495.

TAX-SHELTERED ANNUITIES: Residents have the right of voluntary participation in Medical Center approved 403B tax sheltered annuity program. You may sign up at any time after your first paycheck.

Payroll and Pension: TOB 1st floor, for applications, (312) 942-5625.
Fidelity Investments: 1 (800) 343-0860,

TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT: When housestaff must travel to a mandatory rotation away from Rush, travel reimbursement may be available. The formula takes the distance from the house officer's home in relationship to Rush as well as from home to the rotation site. The distance from home to the rotation must be greater than home to Rush to be eligible. Reimbursement is based on this mileage difference. House officers need to include documentation. Downtown ambulatory rotations are eligible for reimbursement at the CTA cost; parking is not reimbursed. There are several other requirements and restrictions; see House Officer's Agreement and Mileage Reimbursement Request form for more details. Checks are mailed to your home address. Forms are available on MedHub, and should be returned to Jennifer Hayes: GME, 466 Atrium Building.

VACATION and SPECIAL EDUCATION LEAVE: The equivalent of four workweeks with pay, one of which may be taken as an educational leave. Vacation and/or educational leave must be scheduled by mutual agreement with the Department Chairperson or his/her designee. Some programs utilize special forms and have program-specific regulations. See your Department for more details and forms. Forms are available on MedHub.

VERIFICATION OF EMPLOYMENT/TRAINING: Verifications of training may be directed to the Office of Graduate Medical Education. The request must be in writing with a release form attached. Requests needing evaluation or personal references must be directed to the Program Director.

Contact your program or GME: 466 Atrium Building, (312) 942-5495, fax (312) 942-5727.

VERIFICATION OF EARNINGS: Third party verifications of salary and earnings are obtained by phone or via Web site (if a print out is required for mortgage/loan purposes), using your Social Security Number for identification, Rush?s company code of 10421 and your 8 digit PIN# (comprised of your birth month, birth year, and last four digits your Social Security Number).

Talx Inc. Employment Verification Service: 1 (800) 367-5690

VISION SERVICE PLAN: Housestaff may elect to participate in the Vision Service Plan to cover the costs connected to eye exams, contact lenses or eyeglasses. Enrollment must be done during open enrollment period. Same sex domestic partners are eligible under this plan. Monthly costs:

Employee: $9.37
Employee plus spouse/partner: $12.31
Employee plus child(ren): $13.66
Employee plus family: $22.02

Vision Service Plan: 1 (800) 877-7195. For a listing of VSP participating doctors, go to

W-2 FORMS: Rush payroll will mail out W-2 forms for tax purposes in early February. It is crucial that your address be kept current (even after you leave, for forwarding this important form). Address change forms should be completed in MedHub. Programs should also be notified of any/all address changes.

W-4 FORMS: Housestaff may change the number of deductions for both Federal and State taxes by completing a new W-4 form at any time during the year.

WE CARE GRANT -  is designed to provide financial assistance to employees who have experienced a recent emergency event that has resulted in a temporary financial emergency. To apply for this grant contact EPA at 1-800-292-2780. Application can be down loaded by going to the HR resource website

Forms are available in GME, 466 Atrium Building.

The GME website has much more information available.

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