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SBB Certificate Program Curriculum Course of Study (Subject to Change)

The specialist in blood bank (SBB) certificate curriculum is a year-long program. Courses are offered once per year. Students may complete the SBB program in four quarters, including summer quarter. A part-time program is available.

SBB 580 Human Blood Group Systems 4 QH
SBB 581 Principles & Methods of Antibody Identification 2 QH
SBB 582 Blood Procurement & Blood Product Manufacturing 3 QH
SBB 583 Blood Bank & Transfusion Service Operation 3 QH
SBB 584 Clinical Immunohematology & Transfusion 4 QH
SBB 585 SBB Selected Topics & Comprehensive Review 3 QH
SBB 586 SBB Clinical Practicum* 2 QH
SBB 587 SBB Project 3 QH
  Total Course Credit Hours 24 QH

*Students with prior clinical experience may qualify to complete the SBB 586 SBB Clinical Practicum course through credit by proficiency based upon standardized departmental evaluation. Qualified students who successfully pass the departmental evaluation will be exempt from taking this course and for tuition associated with this course. Students interested in exemption from SBB 586 should speak with the specialist in blood bank program director and must complete a Clinical Experience Verification Form. A $25 processing fee will be charged to the student. Credit awarded will equal the credit value of the course as listed in the current Rush University Catalog. Information posted on the transcript will include the course prefix and number, title, credit value and a "K" grade. A transcript guide that accompanies all transcripts issued by the Office of the Registrar explains that the "K" grade indicates that credit was earned through successful completion of a proficiency examination.

Master's in Clinical Laboratory Management with SBB Option

Students considering continuing their studies with a view to graduating with a master's degree may consider enrolling in the master's in clinical laboratory management with SBB option program. In this track, the student can benefit from the scholarship and financial aid available to degree programs with their SBB Certificate course of studies.


The primary textbooks used for the SBB curriculum will be the AABB Technical Manual, Current Edition, and Modern Blood Banking & Transfusion Practices, 5th Edition, Denise Harmening, editor. Students must purchase textbooks for their own use and not depend on using copies available through their place of work. Students must also have access to a copy of the AABB Standards, Current Edition. Supplementary reading materials will be selected from various publications and accessed through the Rush Electronic Library Reserve System at no additional cost to the student. Additional books and publications will be suggested for purchase, but not required.

Tuition Costs

All SBB courses are graduate courses and carry graduate credit. Tuition costs can be found at:

Rush University Tuition and Fees


No travel or class attendance at the university will be necessary. Orientation and all classes are held exclusively online. The only travel necessary will be for students who need to go to their local clinical rotation sites. Most students can complete the required checklists at their own transfusion service and at their local blood center. However, you should be sure that all clinical sites, including your place of work, agree to allow you to use their facilities.

Technical Requirements for Online Instruction

Since all courses are offered online, students should have access to an up-to-date computer and Microsoft Office software suite. Rush University computer requirements, and recommendations for students enrolled in Web courses and courses with a Web component are available at:

Resources for Students Enrolled in Web-based Courses.

SBB Certificate Disclosure Document

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program and other important information, please visit our website at


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