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Imaging Sciences Program: Philosophy & Mission

The Bachelor of Science in Imaging Sciences degree program is dedicated to the mission of the College of Health Sciences and Rush University.
The Imaging Sciences program is committed to preparing advanced-level imaging science professionals to provide high quality, diagnostic and interventional imaging procedures to patients. The program also seeks to enroll a diverse student body in order to promote the values of diversity and inclusion in all of our educational programs.
The Imaging Sciences program in the College of Health Sciences at Rush University is dedicated to clinical and academic excellence in teaching, scholarship, service and patient care. The Imaging Sciences program is designed to provide students with an outstanding education in preparation for a satisfying professional career as advanced imaging sciences practitioners as well as providing a foundation for leadership in management and supervision, education, and clinical specialization.
The overall purpose of the program is to provide a high quality of education that is relevant and professionally sound to meet the advanced imaging needs in the health care community. Inherent in this purpose is the goal to prepare imaging sciences professionals who can demonstrate the knowledge, skills and professional competencies needed to perform advanced-level imaging in computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Cardiac-Interventional Radiology (CI), Vascular-Interventional Radiology (VI), and other advanced Imaging Modalities.
Imaging Sciences Program: Program Statistics
  • Program Completion Rate.
    • 100% (6 of 6) of students in the cohort graduating in May 2012.
    • 83.33% (5 of 6) of students in the cohort graduating in May 2013.
    • 100% (8 of 8) of students in the cohort graduating in May 2014.
    • 89% (8 of 9) of students in the cohort graduating in December 2014.
    • Program overall average completion rate of 93% over the past 3 years.
  • American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) National board pass rates.
    • 96% (26 of 27) of the IS Program graduates have passed the ARRT Certification Examination on the first attempt.
    • The one student who did not pass on the first attempt, passed on the subsequent attempt. 
    • The accrediting standard for this effectiveness measure is 75% pass rate on the first attempt, within six months of graduation. 
  • Job Placement Rate.  
    • 96.0% (26 of 27) of the graduates over the past 4 years who were actively seeking employment were employed within 12 months of graduation.
    • The accrediting standard for job placement rate is a five- year average of 75% within 12 months of graduation.
  • Clinical Competency.
    • Graduates complete 1,000 hours of clinical specialty experience and have had a clinical competency Mean Score of > 4.2. (5.0 point scale) over the past 3 years.
  • Student Satisfaction Scores.
    •  IS Program has had a Mean Score > 4.8 (5.0 point scale) on student satisfaction surveys over the past 3 years. 
  • Employer Satisfaction Surveys.
    • IS Program has had a Mean Score > 4.5 (5.0 point scale) on employer satisfaction surveys over the past 3 years with feedback indicating that graduates have excellent patient care skills.
    • This is significantly important as radiology department patient satisfaction scores are now being tied to Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement.

Photo caption: Imaging sciences professional.


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