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About Rush University

Program Overview

The Pain Medicine Program at Rush University Medical Center and its affiliated Pain Center satellite clinics provides an academic environment for the acquisition of knowledge, skills, clinical judgment and attitudes, which are essential to the practice of pain medicine. The program director, faculty, supporting staff, and administrative staff are fully committed to meet these educational needs. Pain medicine fellow training and education are accomplished in a friendly supportive atmosphere of mutual respect. The one-year continuum of education provides fellows with graduated responsibility and a broad range of Pain Medicine experiences.

The clinical training begins with instruction in evaluation and management techniques in the office setting under close supervision by the attending staff. Additionally, pain medicine fellows are provided with instruction for Pain Medicine practices within the operating room and surgi-center environment. Pain medicine fellows are gradually allowed to assume more responsibility as they mature in skills and knowledge. At the end of one year the pain medicine fellow should be able to demonstrate the following:

A. Knowledge

  1. The anatomy and physiology of pain perception
  2. Epidemiology, economic impact and sociology of pain
  3. Pharmacology of opiates, non-narcotic analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications
  4. Pharmacology of centrally-acting drugs used in Pain Medicine
  5. Measurement and assessment of pain and function
  6. Principles of neurostimulation
  7. Principles for diagnostic testing
  8. Regional nerve blocks and Pain Medicine
  9. Neurolytic techniques
  10. Cognitive, behavioral, and supportive psychotherapeutic treatment principles, including rehabilitation and the role of team management
  11. Principles and techniques of acute Pain Medicine
  12. Principles and techniques of cancer Pain Medicine including death and dying and the ethical principles involved in hospital, hospice and home care
  13. Principles and techniques of management of other chronic pain problems
  14. Principles of physical therapy, occupational therapy and rehabilitation of the chronic pain patient
  15. Principles of the multidisciplinary approach to Pain Medicine
  16. Management of pain in children
  17. Management of pain in the elderly
  18. Principles and ethics of pain research in humans and animals
  19. Organization and management of a Pain Medicine center
  20. Continuing quality improvement, utilization review and program evaluation
  21. Disability assessment and rehabilitation procedures

B. Case Management

  1. Management of pain conditions in the simple and moderate decision making category
  2. Understanding the indications for intervention (e.g. regional nerve blocks) and identifying complicating features in the Pain Medicine patient which mitigate full functional recovery

C. Technical Skills

  1. Satisfactory performance and knowledge of the technical aspects of regional nerve blocks
  2. Placements of temporary and permanent epidural electrodes for spinal cord stimulation
  3. Placement of pulse generators for spinal cord stimulation
  4. Placement of intrathecal drug pump

D. Oral Skills

  1. Effective communication with patients and staff
  2. Organize case presentations
  3. Formulation in detail of an appropriate Pain Medicine plan for complex pain cases

E. Supervision

  1. The attending anesthesiology and Pain Medicine staff provides supervision of the residents during the entire year of their training.


Post-Residency Fellowship

Rush University Medical Center also offers a post-residency fellowship in the Department of Anesthesiology. For more information, please contact:

Theresa M. Orozco
Education Coordinator
Rush University Medical Center
Department of Anesthesiology
1653 W. Congress Parkway, Jelke 739,
Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: (312) 942-3134
Fax: (312) 942-8858

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